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Johnny warns Claudia that their attorney is working from a private agenda. Olivia tells Kate how she overheard Sonny plotting to start a mob war.

Nikolas brings Nadine back to the hospital after she tumbles down a flight of stairs on the Elm Street pier.

In the hospital chapel, Anthony tries to convince Sonny he's ready to step down and hand him the reins to the Zacchara empire.

Cody explains to Jason why he's pretending to throw his loyalty into Sonny's camp. Elizabeth points out to Nikolas the errors he made the morning after he and Nadine first consummated their relationship.

Sonny flatly rejects Anthony's offer.

Ric faces off with an angry Johnny. Kate accuses Olivia of trying to poison her mind against Sonny. Spinelli urges Jason to consider stepping aside and letting his former mentor reclaim the business.

As Johnny attacks Ric, Claudia intervenes and knocks her brother cold. Nadine and Nikolas stumble through another awkward conversation.

Kate asks Diane for the truth and is dismayed to learn that her fianc? didn't leave organized crime behind after all.

After coming to, Johnny asks Claudia to promise him she'll never see Ric again. A flustered Max reports to Milo that their father is coming for a visit and believes that his elder son is in charge of the Port Charles mob.

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