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Patrick and Robin are surly and begin their next shift. Max tells Jason that his father is coming for a visit. Lucky and Sam return to town and head to Elizabeth's place.

Explaining to Mac why Robin and Patrick are at odds yet again, Anna asks him to lend a hand. At the hospital, an exasperated Epiphany reads the riot act to the two battling doctors.

Jason warns Max that tensions are mounting between him and Sonny.

Nadine gets flustered during another confusing conversation with Nikolas. Jerry suggests to Alexis that his brother's marriage to Carly is actually far from over. Mac comes to the hospital for a chat with Robin.

Max reminds an amused Milo how much trouble their dad can cause if he encounters any unpleasant surprises.

Meanwhile, Diane is shocked to discover that her boyfriend is the son of one of gangland's most notorious characters.

Elizabeth complains to Jason about him never having any time for her.

Robin thanks Mac for the much needed pep talk. Max pretends to be in total charge after Maximus arrives unexpectedly at the coffee warehouse.

Jax accuses Nikolas of trying to manipulate Carly. Nadine goes undercover as a maid to search Jerry's hotel room. Jax bristles when Carly offers to sell Nikolas half of her shares of the Metro Court.

Jerry catches Nadine snooping.

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