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Jax accuses Nikolas of taking advantage of Carly. Maximus berates Jason for strolling into the office like he owns the place.

To the surprise of Max, Milo and Diane, Jason plays along by humbly assuring his "boss" he'll do better next time.

Maxie struggles to hold down the fort at Crimson in the wake of her employer's shooting. Jerry injects a terrified Nadine with a hypodermic.

A guilt-ridden Sonny reminds Kate why he is to blame for her injuries.

Olivia questions Maxie's work at the magazine until Spinelli comes to his friend's defense. Nikolas and Jax angrily reopen old wounds as the insults fly back and forth.

Mac places Patrick in handcuffs and hauls him down to the police station, where he locks his "prisoner" and Robin into an interrogation room together to hash out their differences.

Max watches uneasily as his father hits on Diane.

Sonny tells his disapproving fiancee he must take revenge on the people who hurt her. Softening towards Maxie, Olivia offers to help her out with the magazine's next issue.

Nikolas finally convinces Carly to sell him half of her Metro Court shares. Mac's ploy succeeds as Robin and Patrick happily agree to tie the knot.

Nikolas discovers a woozy Nadine lying on the floor of the free clinic.

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