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Jason explains to Kate why he'll need an invitation from Sonny before he attends the wedding. Jerry asks Sam how far she's willing to go.

Nikolas and Lucky sadly assume that their ailing sister has been deluding herself again. Sonny meets up with Kate's cousin in Bensonhurst.

Matt bitterly reminds Noah how he wanted nothing to do with his bastard son for years. Matt declares he needs no help from yet another stranger.

Lulu insists that her brothers speak with Dr. McGuinness to verify her story after Lainey denies any knowledge of Laura's miraculous "recovery."

Sam informs Jerry she's available to him only on condition that he end his relationship with her mother. Sonny relates for an amused Olivia how he and Kate rekindled an old romance.

Back in Port Charles, Kate reads through her high school journal and recalls happy days with her favorite cousin. Stung by Matt's rebuke, Patrick tells Robin he will not same mistakes his father did.

Jason listens sympathetically to Carly's latest tale of woe.

Lainey informs Lulu, Lucky and Nikolas that nothing has changed in their mother's status for nearly two years, then reveals that nobody named McGuinness is on staff at Shady Brook.

Robin takes Matt to task for shutting Patrick out despite his show of loyalty. Meanwhile, Noah admits to Anna how close he is to falling off the wagon.

Lulu is devastated to think that she only imagined all those conversations with Laura. Maxie asks Spinelli to be her date for the wedding.

Kate accuses Carly of manipulating her ex and warns her to back off. Sonny finally persuades a reluctant Olivia to come to Port Charles for his nuptials.

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