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Lulu panics after receiving a note warning she'll pay for killing Logan. At the airport, Elizabeth watches other passengers line up for the flight to Rome.

Jason reminds Sonny why it's too soon to move against anyone.

Anthony brags to Ric about shooting Sonny's bride as she stood at the altar. Carly comforts Morgan after the boy hears a news report about the incident at the church.

With Jason nowhere in sight, Elizabeth regretfully decides not to board the plane. Sonny pushes Jason to strike Karpov after Spinelli reports that the bullet and rifle were both of Russian origin.

Meanwhile, Anthony gleefully describes for Ric how he covered his tracks and took a major step towards total control of the Corinthos-Morgan empire.

Jason phones Elizabeth to apologize for missing their flight.

Listening to Lulu's wild tale, Johnny fears his girlfriend's fragile mental state has deteriorated yet again.

Claudia tells Anthony, Ric and Trevor she believes Karpov was genuinely surprised to learn about the shooting.

Jax encourages Carly to move herself and Morgan over to the Metro Court for safekeeping. Sitting beside Kate's hospital bed, Olivia tearfully tells her cousin how much she's missed her over the years.

Lulu becomes even more agitated when she realizes that Johnny doesn't believe her. An enraged Sonny rails at Jason for refusing to avenge Kate.

Carly and Jax share a lingering kiss
. Olivia demands that Sonny take responsibility for the fact that his fiancee is lying near death.

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