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Maxie moves in and begins catering to Spinelli's every whim.

Sonny and Carly agree that their tryst in the limo was a mistake.

On the witness stand, Claudia calmly endures a grilling from Scott.

After hearing the whole story from Clarice, Kate sadly wonders if her fiance has cheated on her again since the night in question.

Robin continues to get heaps of unsolicited advice from friends and coworkers, who all urge her to say yes to Patrick.

Upset to learn that Maxie is living with Jason and his protege, Mac orders his daughter to return home but she refuses.

Clarice suggests to her melancholy employer that she could simply turn a blind eye to Sonny's indiscretion and go through with the wedding anyway.

Patrick appeals to Nikolas for help convincing Robin to marry him.

Diane presses an irritated Sonny to come clean with Kate. Across town, Kate drops a bombshell on Jax.

Scott calls Nadine to the stand, where she testifies how she discovered Logan's body outside the free clinic.

Though Jax accuses her of lying, Kate explains how they've both been played for fools.

Carly assures a worried Max she's never felt happier or more secure now that she and her husband have reconciled.

Nadine's eccentric behavior in the courtroom lands her behind bars. Robin suddenly suffers abdominal pains.

As Kate confronts Sonny, Jax demands answers from Carly.

What happens next? Find out in our General Hospital spoilers!

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