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Max is working at a bookstore when he is picked up by the Bureau Underground and he meets Leroy who was at the mall when he got grabbed.

They are filled in on the details, a guy named Checker disappeared but before he did he left a message saying Ma and Leroy would be able to find him. They can't figure out why until it is revealed that Max wrote a book on the multiverse and was a professor at Harvard until his wife was abuducted and he told others about it. 

Meanwhile Leroy was a great cop at the LAPD until something happened and he ended up working at the mall. 

Max and Leroy try working together, but they have a few issues. It isn't until Max begs Leroy to be a part of it that they become a team. Leroy reveals that he got fired because he got his partner killed and he wants to protect Max.

Clues lead them to Checker but they also encounter the paranormal. They don't end up saving him because they get chased by a headless being. But Max gets a good look at them taking Checker awar in a spaceship, confirming that his wife didn't leave him but was actualy taken. 

Leroy doesn't see it though, getting to the roof when the spaceship is gone. Back at the Bureau Max and Leroy are told they are done withthe mission but they ask to stay. The Captain hires them officially and then Max notices that one of the people they have a camera pointed at because they are under their watch is his wife. She looks at the camera and lets out a shriek. 

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Ghosted Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Wait, did Alex Trebek have a hidden camera show? How did I miss that?


Leroy: Have you all seen a Yeti?
Ava: Yes.