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As soon as Glee returned this week, Will received a double dose of bad news: first, Figgins told him that New Direction had to win Regionals or else it would be disbanded. Second, Will learned that Sue was re-hired. What happened there?

She drugged Figgins and made it look like the pair had sex. Isn't sexual blackmail great?!? Now that she's back at her old job, Sue is more focused than ever on breaking up and ending the glee club. She meets with Brittany (and The Other Cheerleader, who we'll refer to as "OC" until someone sends us her name) and gives them a mission: destroy the social choir by forcing Rachel to quit. Accomplish this task by wooing and dating Finn!

Finn is ready to be wooed and dated because he quickly tells Rachel that he isn't ready to be her boyfriend. She takes the news badly and pretty much tells him to go to Hell. On his double date with the cheerleaders, though, Finn doesn't fall victom to their flirtatious tricks (sample line from OC: You pay for our dinner and we'll kiss!) and actually realizes he wants to be with Rachel.

But it's too late. She meets Jesse St. James, the lead male singer for Vocal Adrenaline. He sings her off her feet. While Kurt and Mercedes threaten to kick her out of the group if she dates him because they don't trust his motives, Rachel can't help herself. She believes Jesse could really be The One and decides to date him in secret, especially after a pep talk from Sue... who definitely had an agenda. Unfortunately for Rachel, viewers see Jesse exchange a knowing glance with the head of Vocal Adrenaline, Shelby Corcoran. We totally don't trust this guy!

Will meets Shelby and almost instantly makes out with her. WTF, we know! He's dating Emma, but the dude is clearly confused. He also seems troubled by the fact that Emma is a virgin. Fortunately, he puts a stop to the Shelby make-out session before it goes any further. But Emma is realizing on her own that Will isn't ready to date. Okay, Terri plays a role in that: she tells Emma that the song Will had claimed ought to be theirs was actually he and Terri's junior prom song.

Will simply forgot, but the message is clear: again, dude is messed up and confused. Emma confronts him over it and says he needs some time to be on his own and figure out what he wants, exactly. Will agrees. Viewers everywhere are crushed.

Not much from Puck and Quinn this week, but they're definitely dating. When the show closes, with a great rendition of the song "Hello, Goodbye," Finn is the one pining over Rachel and focused on trying to get them together.

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Glee Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

I did set the season record for being sacked... but we only won one game.


Emma: I didn't know you could cook.
Will: There are so many things you don't know about me. I can't wait to introduce them to you.