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Let's get right to the main storyline of this incredible, emotional episode.

Kurt must prove to his father that he's actually a kicker on the school's football team. The reason? Kurt's dad walks in on him, in a unitard, dancing to Beyonce's "Single Ladies." The lie is concocted to prove Kurt is straight.

But it actually becomes the truth, as Kurt makes the squad. It helps that the team is awful, and that Kurt has mastered a unique style: he dances around to that same Beyonce song - doing the steps perfectly! - and then nails the ball through the uprights. Inspired by Kurt's success on the practice field (and needed a football scholarship for reasons explained below), Finn convinces Will to teach the entire team how to dance. He thinks it will loosen the players up.

And he's right! On the last play of the next game, they need a touchdown to win. Finn calls timeout. He calls the play "Ring on It" and each player breaks into the Beyonce dance! The oppositin is distracted and confused and William McKinley scores. Now, Kurt needs to make the extra point so they win. He does so! His father, in the crowd, is so proud.

At the end of the episode, Kurt admits to his dad that he's actually gay. His dad says he knows. He's known since Kurt is three; and while he's uncomfortable with it, he certainly accepts it and loves his son for who he is. A great exchange and moment.

In other storyline news:

- Rachel quits the glee club because Will gives a West Side Story solo to Tina. She becomes the lead in a play led by Sandy, who was re-hired by the school because Sue blackmailed the principal. She wants to break up the glee club.

- Quinn is pregnant! She tells Finn it's his baby, from the time he couldn't control himself in a hot tub (even though they were just making out and were wearing bathing suits; Finn isn't the sharpest tool in the school's box). Turns out, the impending child actually belongs to Puck. He slept with Quinn a few weeks ago, unbeknownst to his best friend, of course.

Terri, meanwhile, learns that Quinn is knocked up and appears to be plotting to take the baby as her own once it's born. This is the only part of Glee we dislike. How does everyone else feel about it?

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Dishonesty is food to the marriage. It will die without it.


It's a unitard. Guys wear them to work out nowadays. Play sports. They wipe sweat from your body.