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The second episode of Glee kicked off with a great showdown between Sue and Will. She talked trash about the glee club and condescendingly offered him a job as assistant cheerleading coach.

But Will stood his ground and said the group will show at regionals, even though it needs to pick up six members just to compete there. How will they accomplish that task? By singing at an assembly for the whole school and recruiting new members. There's just one problem: Will chooses an old disco tune for the performance, which has everone in the group feeling down.

Elsewhere, Terri puts pressure on her husband by insisting they need a new house for the impending baby. She wants everything in it, of course, so Will takes a job at a night janitor at school (for half-salary, no less!) in order to make more money.

While he's making money, Emma is making herself too obvious to everyone around her: Rachel and Ken, the football coach, both can tell she crushes on Will. Ken even tries to ask her out, saying that she should stop pining over a married man.

But it's hard, especially when that man does his best to help her overcome her obsession with cleanliness, which Emma explains in detail: when she was younger, her brother pushed her into a vat of cow manure at a farm. She still can't get the smell out of her head, so this is how she compensates.

Rachel, meanwhile, is trying to deal with her feelinga for Finn. She takes Emma's advice to try something new with hima and joins the celibacy club. This is as hilarious as it sounds, as just halfway through her first session, she gives the club a lecture. She says abstinence is proving to not work with teenagers and - gasp! - girls want sex just as much as boys!

Seizing upon this theme, Rachel convinces the glee club to go with a different song at the assembly, behind Will's back. When the curtain opens on their performance, Rachel, Finn and company do a dirty version of Salt 'N Pepa's "Push It." It's a major hit, but parents get angry over the lyrics and Will gets yelled at by the principal. In turn, he berates Rachel for the way she handled the entire thing.

Still, the plot sort of works, as a trio of cheerleaders, including Quinn, join the glee club. This actually pleases Sue, who says they can be her moles inside and help her bring it down. It displeases Rachel, of course. A lot.

After all, she actually kissed Finn earlier, followed a private voice lesson. He seemed to enjoy it... a bit too much. (All guys out there know what we mean!)

In the one disastrous storyline, Terri finds out she actually isn't pregnant. But she tells Will the exact opposite at the end of the episode, saying they are expecting a boy. It's hard to understand why they are making her such an unfavorable character, but we guess there's time for her to change.

We'll certainl give the show that chance, as its second episode was as enjoyable and original as its pilot.

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Glee Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Quinn: If you quit the club, I'll let you touch my breast.
Finn: Under the shirt?
Quinn: Over the bra.

Sue: Iron tablet? It keeps your strength up when you menstruate.
Will: I don't menstruate.
Sue: Neither do I.