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The club learned of its competition for Sectionals this week and one of the teams was the Dalton Academy Warblers. When Kurt when to spy on them, he quickly met Blaine, an openly gay student who was totally comfortable with his sexuality. He encouraged Kurt to stand up for himself, even when things got very difficult.

Kurt took this advice and fought back against the football-playing brut that always bullied him. When Kurt confronted him in the locker room, the guy kissed Kurt! I didn't see that coming. Turns out, it was Kurt's first kiss.

Elsewhere, thing got awkward when most of the guys admitted they pictured Coach Beiste in unusual scenarios in order to take a break and not get too excited, sexually. When she found this out, courtesy of Will, Beiste wanted to quit. She was humiliated.

But will talked her out of it and said she was beautiful on the inside and outside. He learned she had also never been kissed and gave her a smooch.

Finally, Puck returned and bonded with Artie, solely to fill his community service obligations. But he didn't treat Artie very well, as you can tell the theme here is bullying. In the end, though, Artie forgave Puck for being a jerk and said he's tutor him in math.

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Glee Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

There's no way I'm going back to juvee. There's no chicks and no Kosher meals in that place.


A little something something always leads to something more. I've been there, remember?


Glee Season 2 Episode 6 Music

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Livin on a prayer Livin' On a Prayer Glee Cast iTunes
One love One Love Glee Cast iTunes
Song Stop in the Name of Love/Free Your Mind Glee Cast iTunes