A Last Stand - God Friended Me
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Miles and Rakesh inform Cara that Corey Smith betrayed them and they only have about 12 hours to save the God Account before it destructs.

Miles gets a Friend Suggestion, but the app is all glitchy. He decides to have a chat with Corey to see if he can change his mind. 

When he arrives at Corey's place, Corey refuses to help him out. 

He explains he needed to destroy the account to protect his position a DARPA and save his family. 

He knew that going in, but he thought he'd be able to pull his code first. He informs Miles he has to get rid of his digital trail. 

Miles meets Corey's wife, Meghan, and his son, CJ. It becomes evident that CJ is having problems when he doesn't want his parents to walk him to school. Corey informs Miles that CJ had a bad skateboarding accident that put him in a medically induced coma. 

Miles leaves and later sees CJ, who is supposed to be at school, sneaking into a church.

He follows him and offers to help him find whatever he's looking for. 

CJ informs Miles that during his coma, an angel spoke to him and told him to about his father's last football game in high school. He also told him about how CJ needed to help the estranged son and father mend his relationship. 

CJ has been trying, but he doesn't know how to especially since his dad won't talk to him and acts like he's crazy. 

Miles calls Corey and informs him that he has to be there for CJ. Corey tells him to mind his own business, but quickly changes his tune when CJ goes missing. 

He calls Miles, who tells him about CJ's chat with the "angel," and they find CJ hanging out at Corey's old high school. 

He tells his father the story the "angel" told him, but Corey demands the truth and CJ storms off. Corey informs Miles that no one knew the story CJ told him, so the "angel" must be true. 

Back at the house, Miles informs Corey that this is about the time to God Account steers him in the right direction, but it cannot do that if it's glitching. 

Someone knocks on the front door -- it's a special agent to take Corey in for an investigation about the unauthorized use of the DARPA mainframe. 

Corey tells Miles to have Meghan call his lawyer and suggests Rakesh and Zach use a "heat pack."

It doesn't make much sense to Miles, but Rakesh and Zach realize they have to isolate a part of the code that isn't infected. 

Marsha comes to talk to Arthur, and tells Miles that Alphonse left her and Corey because he was in the CIA. 

He's the only one who can help Corey out of this mess. Arthur contacts Alphonse, and he comes through for his boy. Corey is released as all the evidence is circumstantial. 

Alphonse attempts to leave, but Corey confronts him. The initial meeting doesn't go so well, but Corey gets a call that CJ is missing again. Miles informs Alphonse about the "angel," and Alphonse admits he visited the boy in the hospital and told him those stories. 

He takes them to CJ, who is at the diner that his father hung out at after his final football game. CJ meets his grandfather, and Alphonse can apologize for not being a part of Corey's life. He admits he always watched from the sidelines and planned to reach out after the football game but realized he had no right to. 

Corey walks away and offers to help Miles save the God Account. 

They attempt to pull a healthy piece of code, but it's too late -- the damage has been done. The only thing that could save it is a patch of Corey's original code. 

Rakesh admits he has it and that it was the basis for his Soulmate app. 

Miles chats with Corey and informs him that he has what it takes to truly reconcile with his dad. He sways him by informing him that his father was part of the CIA. 

Corey arranges a meeting at the diner between him, his father, and CJ. 

Alphonse comes to thank Miles for making this all possible and tells him his health is declining. CJ knew that, but Alphonse reveals he never mentioned it to him during the chat. 

Cara reaches out to Ali and her mother about advice on what to do with Miles. She hasn't told him about her breakup with Adam because she knows Miles regrets the breakup, but she doesn't feel the same way anymore. She's moved on. 

Ali tells her that Miles will never abandon her. Her mother later informs her that her husband is almost out of prison on good behavior and that they plan to start over -- they're moving. 

Ali also gets the great news that her second course of treatment is working! The tumor has shrunk, and she'll be able to have the surgery to remove it soon. Things are finally looking up. 

God Friended Me
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God Friended Me Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

The truth is, unless we can convince Corey to stop this, this might be our last Friend Suggestion.


I’m sorry, but the God Account is going to be destroyed and there’s nothing you or your friends can do to stop it.