Forced Into a Heist - Good Girls
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Through his job at a phone store, Vance tracks Beth’s cell phone.

Ruby tries to get Stan on board with a double date night with Beth and Dean.

Annie and Kevin continue hooking up and decide not to date exclusively but to not date anyone else.

In a bid to get information from Nick’s office, Annie comes up with a plan to go on a date with his assistant, Scott. While on the date, Annie gets his wallet and gets into the building, where she helps Beth get inside. Beth gets into Nick’s office and takes pictures of incriminating paperwork.

While on the fake date with Scott, Kevin sees them. Later, he moves out of Annie’s apartment.

When Beth gets back to the car where Ruby is waiting after being in Nick’s office, she sees Vance has followed them. He tells her about the situation with Dean and wants her help once she’s on the City council in helping push the skincare line.

Both Beth and Ruby confront their husbands about the affair, while Dean and Stan agree to bring down the Brotherhood.

Nick lets Beth know that he’s on to her, while Phoebe and Dave try to figure out where the money goes after reviewing the information Beth gave them.

Rio tells Beth that Nick is standing in their way.

Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 4 Episode 15 Quotes

Annie: Are you asking us to break the law?
Dave: Does that make you uncomfortable?

Nick: You gotta play by their rules?
Beth: Why?
Nick: Cuz then we get to do things our way.