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The envelope the officer Mick killed is sent to Phoebe, who decides to get back on the case and persuades Dave to join.

Beth considers running for city council at Nick’s behest but ultimately decides against it.

Kevin officially moves out of Annie’s apartment. Later, she goes to Angela and gives back Kevin’s belongings, which then prompts him to return to Annie’s place.

Dean and Stan give the Brotherhood damming evidence against Beth.

Rio insists the ladies open the strip club back up as a place to wash cash. Once the ladies get the girls back on board to dance, they get the strip club ready but are shut down by a group of moms. They go to the city council to argue their case, and the ladies until win the vote to open the strip club.

Fearing that Ruby will be implicated if Vance brings the evidence to the DA, Stan agrees to join the Brotherhood.

Beth decides to run for city council after Phoebe and Dave give her the evidence against Nick.

Good Girls
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Good Girls Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Rio: Maybe she's just not that into you, bro.
Nick: She'll come around.
Rio: Bitch like that don't need to be romanced.
Nick: Oh, yeah? What does she need?
Rio: Someone to yank her by that ponytail.

Rio: Always want what I already have, huh?
Nick: Always get it, too.