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Gael confronts Callie about the painting. He blows up on her and says that she and Jamie are both full of shit and belong each other. He says he wishes she didn't live there and that he didn't want to see her face again. 

Callie talks to Mariana, but Mariana claims she sides with Gael, and Callies calls Mariana out on never being on her side. 

Callie doesn't say anything to anyone about the group chat she saw, but she does toss the mug in the garbage can in front of Davia and Alice after Davia makes a comment about it. 

Gael is excited about the commission for the art job. He gets a phone call later and finds out that the company doesn't want to be associated with any controversy. He checks his phone and email and sees that new has broken about people paying for reviews and Gael and Elijah's names are on the list. 

He confronts Elijah about it, but Elijah dismisses it like it's no big deal, so Gael kicks him out because of morality being a big deal for him. 

Mariana apologizes to Evan, and he apologizes to her. She finds out from Angela that Evan was told Amanda quit due to his inappropriate behavior due to his social issues, but Amanda was really fired. Mariana wants to tell Evan the truth and does. 

She thinks she can set them back up again as if it was true love. She helps Evan prepare for his meeting by picking out his outfit and sending him on his way. 

They think all has went well, but Angela confonts Mariana about getting fired, and when Mariana goes to ask Evan about it, there is a woman with him named Kendra. She's coming in to clean up the company's issues. She fired Angela because of Angela knowing about the sexual abuse claims and not doing anything about them. 

She also plans to investigate who leaked the salary information, and she demotes Mariana from her job as team leader. Evan is relatively powerless. 

Alice has her first standup act at the comedy club. Lindsay arranges it for her. To unwind, Lindsay takes her behind stage and kisses her. They admit they know Alice is seeing Joey and then tells Alice that Joey was the reason they broke up with their girlfriend. Joey had an affair with Lindsay's girlfriend. Alice doesn't know how to react. 

Isaac invites Malika to his father's birthday party. She agrees to go. She gets information about a disruption being planned by BLM. 

She has a special assignment to video record no matter what happens. She goes to the hotel under a different name and sits in during the announcement of a new Trump appointed judge heading the court of appeals. 

The silent protest begins while the judge is announced and Malika records. The judge is Wilson. He recognizes Malika. Isaac texts that he will pick her up for his father's dinner, but she may not make it. 

Davia goes to tell Dennis how she feels, but he cuts her off and tells her that he's going to work things out with his wife. She wishes him well. 

Jennifer stops by to talk to Dennis. She apologizes for the things that she said, and after flashbacks to their life, he apologizes for not being there when he should have been. She tells him that she's pregnant and getting married to Nathan. 

Davia wishes her well when she sees her in the hallway, but Jennifer tells Davia that she and Dennis signed the divorce papers. Davia wonders why Dennis lied to her and assumes it's because of him not wanting to date her because of her size. 

Dennis flashes back to Jeff visiting and confronting Davia about her letting him move there and saying they were going to be together and sleeping together before breaking things off with him seemingly out of the blue and telling him she didn't love him anymore. 

Dennis' lied to her in response to that. 

Dennis stays in his room and stares at the mural he finished which is a collages of his son. 

Callie moves out of the Coterie and leaves a note for Mariana. She moves in with Jamie. 


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Good Trouble Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Davia: So I have something I need to tell you.
Dennis: I have something I need to tell you too. Jennifer and I are trying to try to work things out.

Why didn't you tell me Jamie bought my piece from the art show?