A Surprise Party - Good Trouble
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  • Dennis' birthday is coming up and Isabella suggests that they throw Dennis a 90s themed karaoke party. Davia doesn't think Dennis will like any of that, and she's in her feelings about  Isabella being closer to dennis than she is.
  • Malika invites both Angelica and Dyonte to Dennis' party.
  • Dyonte reveals that he and his girlfriend broke up. It may make things awkward now since he no longer has a primary partner.
  • Dennis tells Isabella how he used to struggle with social anxiety as a kid.
  • They surprise Dennis with his party. He has a brief moment of looking overwhelmed but says he loves it.
  • Evan shows up at Mariana's and offers to buy Revitalize beauty to merge them and so she'd be free from  her noncompete contract. He says that he asked the FCG first and they said yes.
  • Alice and Sumi are pretending to be together so Isabella doesn't move out.
  • Davia tells Gael that she feels like she's not Dennis' person anymore.Gael tells her that she has to tell him about Matt.
  • Dennis keeps reliving moments of his past through his customers.
  • They ask about Callie and Marina blows it off but Joaquin notices
  • Isabella announces that she and Gael are thinking about moving out. But then they all talk about why its best to stay there and she agrees.
  • Kelly reads the card from Dennis' ex congratulating him on the new baby.
  • Gael explode at the dinner table unleashing his jealousy over Dennis. He and ISabella talk things out later and make a deal.
  • Mariana is emotional at th party and misses Callie. Joaquin comes out to talk to her and he tells her about his sister disappearing eight years again and how much he wishes he could talk to her now.
  • Davia tells Dennis about Matt and he clariefes that he wanted her not just needed her. He admits he's a work in progress, and he'se glad that he's turning 40 as he is now than what he was. They reconnect.
  • Dennis and Gael talk.
  • Dennis and Davia do duets together.
  • During a montage of pics of Dennis,Joaquin sees a picture of Dennis with Jenna.
  • Sumi realizes that Alice is lying about the tour getting cut short when Margaret Cho tweets about the next one.
  • Dyonte asks Malika to be his primary
  • Mariana calls Callie and finally talks to her and tells her how she feels and Callie tells her how she feels and how homesick she is. She also tells Mariana that they can't enorce noncompetes in California, so Mariana is free.
  • Sumi reaches out to Margaret Cho and learns that Alice lied about why she left and really quit.
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Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Davia: Isabella was right. She's his person now.
Gael: Whoa, why are you saying that?
Davia: I feel like I don't even know him anymore.
Gael: Maybe some of that is on you? If you don't want to keep him at arm's length, why aren't you telling him about you and Matt.

Joaquin: Who is that?
Kelly: Evan Speck. Mariana used to work under him. Sometimes on top of him. Former boss and former, maybe present lover.