Luca Is Invited - Good Trouble
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  • Dyonte wants to know an answer about the primary thing.
  • Mariana thanks Joaquijn or his advice and tries to ask him about his sister.
  • Davia says she liked Joaquin's article and didn't know Luca was unhoused. She admits she met him when he crashed there.
  • Alice tells Sumi that she doesn't want to do standup anymore
  • Joaquin asks Dennis about Jenna and he says that Jenna was how he found out about the coterie because she used to come to his shows. He directs Joaquin to a bar where Jenna dated the owner.
  • Mariana proposes bringing her other colleagues to Bulk Beauty.
  • Davia heads to Skid Row with Dennis accompanying her for safety because she has a job opportunity for Luca.
  • Davia tells Dennis about the burlesque.
  • Lucia has Malika chasing after her supposed colleagues to sign the proposal to approve it. She's overworked.
  • Malika's colleague tells her that she overheard that Lucia told her friends not to sign the proposal because she wants to kill it.
  • Malika goes behind Lucia's back and gets the signatures anyway to Lucia and Will's surprise. They realize that Malika played them.
  • Malika tells Dyonte she doesn't want to be his primary and she has deeper feelings For Angelica.
  • Luca performs and does well and Davia and Dennis let him stay in the Coterie basement.
  • Joaquin confronts the bartender as his home after thinking Jenna was there and learns that he and Jenna used to date and that he thought Jenna was crazy and left her on the road side on her way to Palm Springs.
  • Joaquin tells Mariana about all of this.
  • Mariana invites Liza to join them but Liza tips off Jackie.
Good Trouble
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Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Alice: So, what should I do?
Mrs. Kwan: Don't say anything. Don't tell anyone.
Mr. Kwan: Your mother is right. Keep quiet.
Mrs. Kwan: You understand?

Have you thought about us being each other's primaries?