Monet is Ready for Change - Gossip Girl (2021)
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Obie is skipping school, and his girlfriend is getting pissed.

Max, Audrey, and Aki devise a plan to keep it looking like Max is on the prowl, but people start to figure out there's more going on than meets the eye.

It starts to blow back in their faces when three of Max's conquests come together to get revenge.

They know he's with someone, and it just so happens they all prepare to have sex as his fathers are downstairs having an important dinner.

Audrey is shocked when a woman at the dinner tells her she can leave but it interested in Aki's dad.

Max's fathers get close again and it looks like there may be a future for them.

Kate finds out about the grades and that Queller had been hiding it in exchange for favors. It causes a big ruckus but the head teacher is happy to allow them to tell everyone so she can stop the lies.

Monet makes changes at the school and forces everyone to fight back against the people oppressing them.

Her former friends are left in shock that she's going to these measures.

Gossip Girl (2021)
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Gossip Girl (2021) Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Happy New Year, followers. Been a minute, and I know you've missed me. Because it must have been pretty dark and lonely out there without me around. Lucky for you, I'm the light at the end of your tunnel. Here to illuminate what you've been up to while you thought no one was watching. And to those of you who may doubt the credibility of what I might say, remember, I can only be as honest as you are. But admit it, it's the fiction that keeps the facts interesting, anyway. There's nothing left for me to laugh about So try to ignore me if you dare. Pretty soon... I'll have everyone talking. And you'll be back here to make sure they're not talking about you.

Gossip Girl

Zoya: Me first!
Julien: Wait!
Zoya: I need to shower.
Julien: So do I.
Zoya: I thought you already did. I heard the water.
Julien: I ran it for steam. It's part one of my three-part skincare routine. Used to be ten, but new research shows that all you need is a cleanser, moisturizer, and a sunblock...
Zoya: I'm not following.
Julien: A bunch of dermatologists...
Zoya: No, I mean, I don't care. And I need to get in there. Some of us have hair. Why don't you go put together an outfit in your closet... What, you know, used to be my bedroom. And by the time you're done, maybe I can see myself in the full-size mirror again.
Julien: If my stuff is an imposition, I'll just... I'll...
Nick: Everything okay here? You're sharing well with your sister, Z?