You're so righteous.


We should never have done that.


Man: Who are you?
Julien: I'm Julien fucking Calloway.

Kate: Oh, and um, here is my invoice. I also take cash app or Venmo, if that's easier.
Camille: Why is there a cab receipt here?
Kate: You specifically told me not to take the subway or rideshare.
Camille: Are you seriously trying to nickel and dime me right now?
Kate: The cost of the cab is like an hour of my time.
Camille: I don't see how it's my problem you don't listen. Implicit to running errands for someone is doing what they ask you to do.
Kate: And part of running errands for people is that I was denied my end of year bonus because the board, made up entirely of parents, including you, decided that money would be better served going to a new gym, so here I am, returning thirty-thousand dollar earrings for you, and you seriously want to argue about a 15 dollar cab?
Camille: You think you deserved a bonus this year? You all complained about teaching during COVID, so the school didn't re-open. Do you know how hard it was on us working parents?
Kate: We didn't want to risk our lives.
Camille: Then, you all allowed Gossip Girl to taunt and torment them upon their return. Not only did you do nothing about it, but some of you even sent in tips yourself. Tips on kids you were in charge of. If I could fire each and every one of you, I would.
Kate: So you being cheap was punitive?
Camille: That's the thing with you people. You think you're entitled to something you didn't earn.
Kate: Who people?
Camille: Middle-class white girls who don't stand out, so they claim some kind of victimhood, push others to spread the wealth they themselves can't earn. I pay forty percent in taxes so you don't have to. I trickle down so that you can teach in a safe environment eating cafeteria food cooked by Michelin chefs, all while teaching the future lawmakers of America. You're glorified babysitters whose names will be hard to recollect in five years, whereas the names of the kids you teach will never be forgotten. It is a privilege to work at Constance, and the board felt you all needed to be reminded of that.
Kate: Thank you, Mrs. De Haan for reminding me why I do what I do.

You are asking too much of your daughter.


Grams: I don't know how you can live at this height.
Julien: You get used to it.

Audrey: You were just going to leave?
Julien: This is my final night. I haven't heard from you in a week.

This Noble O approach is no longer working.


I need to pay the full fees.


Am I canceled?


Audrey: Don't mention Monaco.
Kiki: I would have never mentioned Monaco, but now I'm going to be thinking about it.

After tonight, I never want to see either of you again.


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