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Nate (Chace Crawford) and Bree (JoAnna Garcia) are holed up in her family's New York apartment. Getting. It. On. He asks if the sneaking around is the only thing adding an element of hotness to their relationship.

She proposes that they spend 24 hours straight there and be themselves, to see if they are really attracted to each other or just the idea of their secret relationship.

Turns out the more they find out about each other the more clear that their feelings are legit - he even kept his boarding pass from their London flight. What a softie.

The last time we see them, though, we learn that Bree told her parents about Nate, even though she knows they wouldn't approve, because she didn't want to lie about someone so important to her. They really want to see where this thing goes.


As Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) prepares to go to Brown, she gets cold feet and decides she doesn't want to ... at least yet.

She crashes at the hotel with Chuck (Ed Westwick) while she figures out what she wants to do next.

They have a big-time falling out, though, when she lets it slip during one of his business meetings that he wants to turn a New York property into a club. He planned to do that clandestinely, but she let it slip.

He calls her a train wreck and she storms out. Chuck then tells Rufus that Serena flaked on Brown, which Rufus is not pleased about, and makes a snotty Serena determined to get back at Chuck, with the help of Carter Baizen (Sebastian Stan).

She tells Carter she isn't going to Brown and wants to meet up. Unbeknownst to him, they go to a bar where she knows Chuck is having a business meeting.

Sidling up to him, they sabotage this meeting as well by regaling Chuck's business associates with sordid stories from his past. It's not a pretty picture.

Leaving, Chuck says he only told Rufus about Brown because he was concerned about her.

Carter realizes he's being used by Serena to get what she wants, and blows her off.

Back at the Humphreys' Brooklyn loft, a melancholy Serena apologizes to Rufus for not listening to him earlier when he tried to urge her to go to Brown. She's deferred her admission by a year now, however.

In a sweet gesture, Rufus says he was once in her shoes, deferring college to pursue music. As a true father figure wants to be more than just her mom's new husband and offers to help her break the news to Lily.

Serena tells Blair that she's staying in New York and then calls Carter to apologize. She says she trusts him and wants him for him, not just as her "bad habit." They make out on the street.


Blair (Leighton Meester) is determined to maintain her Queen B status in college as she embarks on her first day at New York University. Well, it takes about five minutes before we realize that's not to be.

Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) turns up as Blair's roommate and all hell breaks loose. For Blair, at least. For everyone else, Georgina is quite popular.

G is even in with Vanessa (Jessica Szohr), who's dating Scott now, incidentally. V wants to give G a second chance as a friend, despite her shady past.

B decides the best way to win over her fellow freshmen is to throw a fancy sushi party with Dorota's help.

Dan, Vanessa, Georgina, Scott and everyone else has already scarfted four pizzas and watched V's documentary down the hall, however. G tells B she's now an outcast.

At this point B realizes that she doesn't fit in and does the unthinkable - asks Dan to be her date to the rooftop party that night, to be hosted by Georgina.

It's a classic college party with cheap beer in plastic cups, music blasting, people dancing awkwardly, Scott being all kinds of weird for no reason, etc.

Blair seems perfectly content being Dan's date and trying to assimilate with her new classmates, but she's secretly up to something. Something mean.

No, really, she got all of the people from Georgina's Christian camp to crash the party. B then hijacks the mic from the DJ and outs G as a Jesus freak.

Just when it appears Blair has ruined G's party and convinced the crowd to follow her to fancy clubs instead, Dan swoops in and has Georgina's back.

Dan takes the microphone and addresses the crowd, informing them of what B did to embarrass G. He convinces everyone to stay and drink cheap beer with him. He's the hero as the party continues, while Blair walks away alone!

Fortunately for B, she still has her man. She goes home to Chuck's room and snuggles up to him in a really sweet moment. D, V, and G may rule NYU, but at least Chair's love remains unscathed.

The next morning, Vanessa calls Dan to see what's up. He says he's pretty wrecked and will call her back. We see that he is waking up on the roof ... with G in his lap! OMFG ... or is it OMJC?

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Every fall confident high school seniors transform into nervous college freshmen. They leave their parents' homes for the hallowed halls of higher education. Like any new venture, the new journey represents opportunity to conquer new territory. Or to be a little less lonely. But just because the opportunity presents itself doesn't mean everyone is ready to take it.

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Blair: I feel like I got off on the wrong foot here and I'd like to start again. So, thanks for bringing me Humphrey.
Dan: Yeah, well, I'd like to think that if I needed it, someone would do the same for me, although let's be honest, we both know it wouldn't be you. Oh ... no headbands in college.