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Dan and Olivia wake up in bed. They are doing really well, it seems!

But Olivia is panicked that Dan will see her interview on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Naturally, Dan is the last to know what's going on.

Despite her efforts to keep him shielded from TV, and the Internet, and Gossip Girl, and passersby, Dan finally sees the late night comedy on Jenny's computer on a break from Scrabble with Rufus and Lily.

The story was how Dan went to the bathroom on their first date and came back out with his shirt all wet and inside out. Fallon nicknamed him Bathroom Boy and it was kinda sorta embarrassing for Dan.

He storms out of the apartment.

But really, Dan is not angry at his famous girlfriend at all, he really just left because in the midst of that story on Late Night, Olivia let it slip that today is their one-month anniversary.

He therefore had to prepare dinner and light a bunch of candles on the floor of his pad to celebrate. They make up ... even though he was never really mad in the first place. Cute, these two.


All the while, Serena and Blair are so in a fight.

Blair didn't want Serena at the election party (at Chuck's hotel) but Serena scored an invite for her and her fake boyfriend Patrick Roberts anyway.

Blair exposes Patrick-the-famous-but-fake boyfriend’s drinking problem when he gets tanked at the party. But Serena can play at this battle of the wits, too.

She blabs about Blair’s new BFF, who she befriended to make S jealous, an NYU student who doubles as a prostitute. Classic Gossip Girl.

The fight ends with Blair’s face in a cake courtesy of Serena.

Blair declares the friendship over. The two share one brief moment — their eyes meet across a busy street - but it doesn’t happen.

They don’t make up even as we think they might.


This week's principal story line was all about politics, as Nate’s cousin Tripp was in the final hours of his nip-and-tuck battle for Congress.

It's Election Day and Vanessa is shooting a behind-the-scenes documentary of Tripp's quest to go to D.C. The polls are neck-and-neck. It's close!

While he’s out campaigning with Nate, Tripp sees a guy drowning in the Hudson River and dives in to save him.

Vanessa captures the entire incident on tape.

On the surface it looks like Tripp is a hero, and he gets major publicity on New York news stations for what he did.

But as Vanessa goes through footage so she can sell it to a news station, she realizes the incident was fake - dude jumped in the water on purpose.

All signs point to the Grandfather as the mastermind behind this, but no one knows for sure who was involved and at what point.

She's about to blow the lid off the staged drowning but Nate tries to stop her. He finds out who she's going to sell the video to and gets someone to masquerade as her, bait-and-switching the real TV producer for a fake one.

Later, at the election party, Vanessa figures out what happened when she meets the real news anchor she was supposed to have met earlier, who is pissed that she didn't get the footage.

Putting two and two together, she rats out the van der Bilt campaign anyway.

Everyone thinks Grandfather is responsible for the attempt to make Tripp look heroic, but he insists repeatedly that it wasn’t him.

With the polls about to close, Tripp wants to bow out of the race because he would rather lose with honor than win dirty. That's when Nate addresses the crowd before Tripp can do that and takes the blame for the incident.

He says it was he who set the whole thing up, and that Tripp had nothing to do with it. Moreover, Tripp really is a hero. Nate saves the day.

Minutes later, the news stations call the race. Tripp won!

Interestingly, it wasn’t Nate OR the Grandfather who pulled a miracle on the Hudson, it was Tripp’s innocent wife, Maureen. She set it up to help Tripp get out from the Grandfather's shadow and win this on his own.

It's confusing, we know.

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Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Serena: I need you to put me and Patrick Roberts on the guest list for tonight.
Nate: Are you kidding me?
Serena: Nate, please. My job is at stake.
Nate: Oh, that's funny. So is my cousin's campaign, thanks to you.

I need a SARS mask.


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