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The van der Woodsen Thanksgiving begins with Rufus' vision of family togetherness. Of course, Serena can't make it because she's working at the soup kitchen with Trip's staff, and Lily just wants to order in.

Serena goes to Trip's office to tell him  he's not leaving Maureen for her and that she's walking away. Which lasts about five seconds after Trip tells her he'd leave Maureen anyway after she orchestrated the Hudson stunt.

She decides to give it one last hurrah, but not in public. They hole up in her hotel room and ... well, yeah.

Lily lies about Cece not being able to join them for dinner. Rufus decides to invite her anyway, out of good spirit. Also coming, through various means? Nate, Tripp, Maureen, Vanessa, her mother, and Blair, her mother, and Chuck.

Nate is struggling with his feelings for Serena, especially after Chuck tells him about the elevator camera footage of Serena and Tripp making out.

Nate calls security, gets a copy of the tape and uploads it to his phone, which he proceeds to show Maureen at Thanksgiving.

Maureen goes ballistic and threatens to go public with the tape if Tripp goes ahead with the divorce.

Lily finds out Serena's been playing around with Tripp and tells her to end it or she's not welcome in her house.

Serena promises she'll never see Tripp again. She and Blair make up, and Blair persuades her to come to Paris. As they're getting Serena's passport out of the safe, she finds the letter from her father and Trip comes in, asking Serena to go away with him.

Trip's also doing this to get back at Nate, and confronts him.

Then Chuck tells Nate to man up and go after Serena.

On her way out the door, Serena confronts Lily about the letter, telling Lily she has no right to judge her. Downstairs, Nate makes a go of it, asking Serena to stay and give him a chance, but Serena gets in the car with Tripp.

Upstairs, Rufus nearly catches Lily reading the letter from Serena's father, and she quickly stashes it in the pocket of her coat. Which turns out to be a bad idea, since the coat she put it in was really Maureen's.

Meanwhile, Dan's trying to figure out his feelings for Vanessa, finding himself giving her weird looks as she's acting normal and can't figure out what's up with him.

Vanessa's mom, Gabriella, calls Dan out while she's taking a break from driving Vanessa nuts and making her feel not good enough.

Later, though, she warns him that if he's not sure about his feelings for Vanessa then he should keep it to himself.

Blair finds Dorota clutching a bag with a pregnancy test in it, and mistakenly thinks - based on a package that arrived from her lawyer about her will - that her mom, Eleanor, is pregnant.

But it's Dorota and Vanya who aren't speaking, and soon enough, Blair and her mother put two and two together, and start plotting to get them talking again.

Eric's being a jerk to Jenny, who texts Jonathan to try to facilitate a make-up between him and Eric. But then she learns that it was him who sabotaged her at Cotillion.

Jenny tries to reconcile with Eric, but he's having none of it. She confronts him after Blair tells her that the whole cotillion set-up was Eric's idea, and Eric vows to beat her at her own game, telling her to watch her back.

He ends up texting to someone that Jenny knows and they have to strike.

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Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Chuck: Your holiday paranoia knows no bounds.
Blair: Precedence is not paranoia.

[to Dorota] Hello is the word you're looking for.