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Everyone is dressing for Paige's award ceremony. Mike is asleep on the couch. Dale wakes him to ask if Mike knows how to tie a bow tie. Mike tells Dale that Johnny knows how, but he isn't home. 

Briggs brings Mike a suit. He's upbeat. Mike asks about the Sarkissian case and Briggs responds, "It's a new day Warren." Mike takes some pain pills.

A priest delivers a homily in Mass. Johnny sits in a pew with Sid. The priest notices Johnny and after Mass leads the men into his office. Johnny gives the priest some cash. Johnny opens the closet and pushes the priest's garments out of the way. A door leads to a passage way. 

The Director gives his speech at Paige's award ceremony, while Johnny leads Sid through the passage way. Briggs sits down in a bathroom stall and passes a roll of cash underneath. Someone hands back a manila envelop. Inside is a gun. 

Paige receives her award. She steps up at the podium and looks at Mike. She simply says thank you and sits down. Awkward applause follows. 

The passageway leads to a strip club. Johnny tells Sid to sit down and enjoy himself. They have a long wait ahead of them.

Charlie and Dale congratulate Paige while teasing her about her poor acceptance speech. Paige says the award is simply a photo op. Dales responds, "There are 7 billion people who will never receive an award like that because they didn't save a bunch of girls from sex slavery." Dale leaves to get the car.

Charlie asks Paige, "What do I always say?" Paige responds, "Bitches get shit done." The two women hug. Charlie gets a phone call and leaves. Mike approaches Paige. He asks to talk, but she refuses.

Frustrated, Charlie hangs up the phone. Interpol has nothing on Germaine. Briggs understands why Charlie doesn't to offer a deal to Amber, but sometimes only unpalatable measures remain.

Mike takes another pill and Briggs advises him to be careful. Mike wants to know what Briggs is planning. If Logan won't let Briggs arrest Ari, then he will kill him. Mike believes Logan will suspect Briggs immediately. However, without a cover team nobody is watching Briggs. Mike says if Logan can't arrest Briggs for Ari's murder he'll use the Badillo tape. Briggs is willing to take his chances.

Ari and Briggs are driving in Ari's car. Ari tells Briggs his uncle is feeling better after the kidney transplant. Ari drives past a jogger, an associate of his. He stops the car. Ari calls him Chester Cheeto because he is heavy set. Ari wants Chester to sell his business to the Sarkissians. Chester refuses.

Ari hangs Chester upside down over the bridge. Briggs holds onto the other leg to keep him from falling. Ari forces Chester to sign the contract hanging upside down, while Briggs holds onto him. He's too heavy and Briggs drops him. Chester survives the fall, but is hurt.

Charlie meets with Amber in prison. Amber agrees to the deal, but doesn't know where Germaine is. She knows a dealer who cleans his cash. Amber can find the dealer's home if she retraces her steps from the party where she met him.

Mike meets with Logan and threatens to call the Deputy Director if he doesn't back off Briggs. Logan reviews Mike's case history. They are all failures. Logan challenges Mike if the Deputy Director would even take his call. Mike backs down and leaves.

Still waiting at the strip club, Johnny offers Sid a deal. Carlito owes Sid money, but Johnny believes Carlito is planning to kill Sid. Johnny will help Sid get his money if he helps Johnny save Lucia.

Sid refuses, but Johnny handcuffs him and beats up the courier. Johnny gives the money to the strippers. He tells Sid there was no money. Sid agrees to help Johnny with Lucia.

Mike goes to his physical. He asks for another prescription of Oxy, but the doctor will not clear him for duty if he's still on pain medication. Mike refuses the refill.

Back at his office, Ari explains to Briggs that Chester's computer chip company is worth millions. With his back turned, Briggs points the gun at Ari. He doesn't fire.

Ari's girlfriend Layla comes into the office. Ari kicks her out and asks Briggs to be a buffer between them. Layla is Martun Sarkissian's daughter.

Charlie is cooking a family dinner for Paige. She tells Briggs she's going undercover with Amber. Briggs is furious and threatens to place Charlie on leave if she goes.

As Paige is packing, Mike explains how Lena died. He says he acted selfishly and still sees Lena in his dreams. Paige tells Mike he's lucky. When he wakes up, Lena is gone. For Paige, Mike is a constant reminder of what she did wrong. Mike hands the medal to Paige and says it's a reminder of what she did right. Paige cries and they hug.

Sid and Johnny break Lucia out of Carlito's compound. Lucia tells them they have to kill Carlito if they want to make it across the border.

Paige and Charlie sit in a parking lot. Charlie explains she's looking down two paths - FBI agent and mother. She has to choose. Charlie walks into an abortion clinic.

Johnny and Sid hold Carlito at gunpoint while he's soaking in the tub. Carlito tells Sid Johnny lied to him. He paid Sid his money. Sid says it's too late now. They force Carlito to the vault.

Once inside, he stabs Sid with a knife concealed in his robe. Sid and Carlito struggle. Lucia is being led away by two guards. Sid is about to stab Carlito, but Johnny shoots him to save Lucia.

Briggs picks Charlie up at the abortion clinic. He's upset she didn't discuss it with him first. Charlie asks if Briggs even wants to be a father. He doesn't answer. Charlie asks, "Can we just skip to the part where you are relieved?" They drive off.

Inside the abortion clinic, the nurse calls Charlie's name. The paperwork is blank. The chair is empty. Charlie did not get an abortion.  

Johnny is back at Graceland. He smashes the mirror in his bedroom and Dale hears next door. 

Charlie meets with Amber in prison and puts two plane tickets down on the table. 

Mike tries to sleep, but is in horrible pain. He takes three more pills.

Paige looks at her medal and smiles.

Briggs is driving and puts on a mask. He crashes his truck into Layla's car. She is screaming as Briggs approaches her car.


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Graceland Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

You can't control a psychopath anymore than the break of a swell. For now, I'm surfing.


Charlie: What do I always say?
Paige: Bitches get shit done.