You don't take volunteers on a sinking ship Paul.


So you like it rough?


Jesus Christ Guy, I'm gonna get you a bicycle. I promise. I always keep my promises.


You look you're going to the Grammys or something. These are swamp people. You know that right? Like cray.


Carlito, you talk to much man.


Briggs: Do you ever wonder if maybe, just maybe, the bird your chasing is a wild goose?
Mike: Yes, of course. But I'm staying on the path. I'm gonna see where this thing ends.

Justice? When do we ever have justice? Everything we do ends up with a body.


We don't do our jobs anymore. We don't bust bad guys anymore. Somethings not working.


I've always been a lucky man. Gypsy woman once told me, something to do with my stars. Today, my stars are in line.


You've been very loyal Guy [Briggs]. If we make it through this, I won't forget that.


This might not be the best way to get justice, but these are the cards we've been dealt man. I think we all can agree-- Ari Adamain has got to go.


One could argue, Logan set this into motion. He put Briggs in a corner. This is what happens. I would argue that Ari set this into motion.


Graceland Quotes

Mike: No wire?
Briggs: Not since The Wire.

From this moment on, your lies are your life.