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As the Solano family grieves, Detectives Carver and Miller discover evidence that they might be connected to the boy's murder.

Detective Carver follows Danny's route on a map. He ends up at a little house owned by park services. The camera footage might be helpful.

Carver tells Miller that Danny's skateboard and cell phones are priorities. Meanwhile, they begin fingerprinting the family for elimination prints. Beth and Mark are told there can be no funeral for now. The body is the most important piece of evidence.

The family has put together their own list of suspects. The folks on it are all family friends. Ellie finds this strange. Carver wonders if they're trying to direct where they look.

As clues begin to surface, the Solano's themselves come under fire for keeping secrets. $500 cash is found taped underneath Danny's bed. There was cocaine found in Chloe's room under the floorboard. Worst of all, Mark lied about where he was the night of the murder.

Jack Reinhold meets with Carver and tells the Detective he saw Danny a few weeks ago with a young fellow in a bandana.

Chloe tells Miller the cocaine was for Gemma Fisher, owner of the Crestview Inn. Fisher tells the Detectives the substance was for a guest and when they left early she returned it.

Carver visits Susan Wright for the keys to the little house, turns out she cleans the place. For some reason, she also has Danny's missing skateboard.

Camera footage puts Mark at the little house the night his son was killed. Blood and sneaker evidence points to this location as the true scene of the crime. What's worse a set of prints found at the house belong to Mark Solano.

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Gracepoint Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

We can not allow the body to be buried until we're sure we've got the right person.


It's a simple truth Miller. Anybody's capable of murder given the right circumstances.