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The Solano family has been keeping secrets.

Mark has been less than truthful, which makes him a suspect in the murder of his son. Before heading to the station, he sends Vince a text asking him to be his alibi. If asked, they were together the night in question.

Carver asks Mark if he has been to the small hut on the cliff and Mark confirms he worked a job there a few weeks back. The detective also inquires if Mark owns a boat. Mark tells the detectives he does indeed own one.

When Carver and Miller visit the boat, they quickly spot blood on the deck. Mark explains Danny gashed his foot on a line while fishing.

Vince is questioned by the detectives who also catch him in a lie. Ellie had been told by Vince's mother he was home that night, not with Mark.

Carver has Mark arrested. Too many things simply do not add up.

Back at home, Beth is extremely anxious that Mark has been at the station for four hours. Pete informs her that Mark has been arrested. He's a suspect. She needs to get some fresh air and goes out for a walk.

It isn't long before Beth encounters a psychic claiming to have a message from Danny. Raymond informs her that Danny is okay and not in pain. He asks her not to look for his killer because he knew the person well.

Elsewhere, Chloe texts Gemma Fisher asking her to come forward if she was with her father the night of the murder.

Gemma visits the station and tells Carver and Miller everything she knows. She and Mark Solano had been having an affair. They were together until 1 am the night Danny was killed. Mark now has his alibi, though Carver is upset so much time was wasted.

Later that evening Mark goes to see Gemma and they kiss. Unfortunately Beth had followed her husband and witnesses the meeting from across the street. Kiss and all.

A shred of paper is discovered in Danny's jacket by the evidence control team. There's a phone number on it.

Detective Carver finally has a real lead, so heads back into the station to research the number.

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Gracepoint Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Carver: Why are you lying about where you were Thursday night?
Mark: How is keeping me here helping you find Danny's killer?
Carver: We can't rule you out until you tell us where you were.
Mark: Where I was doesn't matter.

Danny wants you to know that he's okay. He's not in pain. He says he was on a boat. And he says don't look for who killed him because he knew this person well. And he doesn't want you to be upset. That's all.