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Though over half the boat discovered was burned to a crisp, traces of hair were found. Carver believed the hair belonged to Danny.

The Solano family is itching for more press coverage, but Carver and Miller assure them they know what they're doing. Let the police handle it.

Carver sets up a town meeting where the residents of Gracepoint air their concerns surrounding the murder investigation. Many complain the tents on the beach are affecting tourism and that the town will become synonymous with murder. Carver assures them they are moving as quickly as possible.

The psychic, complains that Carver ignored his lead about a boat. He and Beth attempt to have Carver and Ellie hear Raymond out but Ellie breaks the news to Beth the guy has prior convictions for attempting to commit fraud. He's a liar and not to be trusted.

Elsewhere, Renee and Owen discover there are some secrets in Jack Reinhold's past. They learn he is a convicted sex offender.

Since Owen attended wilderness camp as a kid, Renee convinces him to talk to Reinhold about his past. However, she neglects to mention she planned to pay the Solano's a visit. Her goal was to get the family to agree to an exclusive interview to create buzz for the case.

Owen confronts Jack at the docks, who was pleased to see him until he asks about his prior rape conviction. Vince overhears their discussion and later shares this vital information with Mark.

Dinner at the Miller's house goes well, the share a few laughs and wine. However, afterwards Carver passes out in his room and Gemma posing as his wife takes him to the hospital. When he awakes, he asks her to keep his illness between them. He does not want to lose the case.

Owen is upset he wasn't included when Renee's interview is published. He feels taken advantage of, but Renee tells him the Jack Reinhold piece is next. He'll get his chance to shine.

Full background checks for several suspects without alibis are ordered. Ellie is also given the go ahead to look into that mysterious backpacker.

Everyone gathers at a church service later that day, and Carver observes each person looking for suspicious behavior.

The Solano family hosts a nice lunch, but soon Jack interrupts things handing Danny's cell phone to Mark. It was inside one of his kayaks the old man claims. Danny must have left it there. Jack swears to the boy's parents he's innocent, though people will be pointing the finger at him.

During a televised press conference, Beth speaks from the heart and begs the killer to come forward. Ellie pulls Carver aside and informs him the hair sample found in the boat matches Danny's.

Jack Reinhold burns several photographs, one of which includes him and Danny.


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Gracepoint Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

They're panicking Miller. Starting to show themselves that's exactly what we want. That's an amateur move, burning it like that.


Danny wants to tell people that he was killed by someone he knew.