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As the investigation continues, several new suspects come to light.

The phone number discovered in Danny's jacket lining belongs to a war vet named Lars Pierson. The man is on anti-psychotic medication and lives by himself in a cabin not far from town. This is the man Jack Reinhold told Carver and Miller about. He instantly recognizes Pierson's photo.

Beth later informs Ellie that Pierson was at the visitor center where she works. Jack Reinhold's description and hers match perfectly.

Chloe visits Ellie at the station in an attempt to clear her boyfriend, Dean. Yes, he's responsible for the cocaine found in her room but he did it at her request. He's a good guy with a promising future she tells Ellie.

Either way, the detectives visit Dean and he makes a run for it. They corner the young man and soon learn he knew Danny. On his way to pick up the drugs for Chloe, he saw Danny at the side of the road and picked him up. When he stopped for gas, Danny bragged about stealing a magazine. Security camera footage confirms Dean's story, and the fact he had clocked in and out at work provides a solid alibi.

Elsewhere, the old lady with the dog confronts Mark's apprentice Vince and tells him they have something to work out.

Vince is visited by Tom and they discuss Danny. The man close his barn door suspiciously behind them.

After dinner Tom discovers Lars' photo in his mother's briefcase. He memorizes the man's number and later looks up his address.

When Carver and Miller share the security camera footage, Beth can't believe that's her son caught stealing. She soon learns that Dean is her daughter's boyfriend. So many secrets, Beth feels like she doesn't know her family at all.

A burning boat is seen floating toward the shoreline. Was Danny's body in this boat?

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Gracepoint Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Pierson's cell phone number was found in the lining of Danny's jacket. I want to know why. I want to know if Pierson is linked to the $500 found in Danny's room. I want to know if the $500 is linked to the drugs found in the Solano house. I want to know if Pierson has Danny's skateboard and cell phone.


Danny was a lonely kid alright. He was always looking for a friend. Sometimes he'd ask me to hang out, take him for rides, play video games.