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Santiago finds out who Danny is.

Danny holds Gigi against her will with a knife. 

Alicia is going to question Yoli about Sky.

Santiago announces that he is changing his will to leave the hotel to all four kids. 

Alicia keeps the truth about Jason from Javi because she is worried about him relapsing. 

Mateo is still trying to get partial ownership of the hotel. 

Santiago thinks Gigi is the one who hurt Sky. 

Santiago sees Danny speaking to the detective on security footage.

Danny comes clean about who he is to Yoli. 

Yoli showed Sky Gigi's safe, which is when Sky found the key and stole it.

Yoli thought that Sky stole jewelry and broke up with her.

Sky's phone was found under the boardwalk. 

Javi meets a fellow addict and sleeps with her.

Ingrid meets Vanessa when she goes to visit Malcolm. 

Sky recorded a voice memo of Gigi confronting her. 

Santiago doesn't know about Jason. 

Santiago wants to look at Danny's personnel file. 

Danny confronts Gigi. 

Gigi and Mrs. P went on a hunt for Sky. 

Santiago attacks Danny. 

Danny shows Santiago the letter.

Sky is dead. 

Malcolm killed Sky. 

Malcolm didn't know that Jason wasn't his son until the night of the hurricane when he overheard Gigi and Mrs. P talking.

Gigi confronted Sky and Malcolm thought Sky was going to hurt her, so he hit her over the head. 

Danny decides not to tell Mrs. P and Jason because he doesn't want to hurt Jason. 

Malcolm died. 

The woman that Javi met was Ingrid's mom.

Santiago found footage of Mateo helping Teresa escape, making it possible for him to get Mateo out of the Riviera Grand once and for all.

Carolina told Felix about the will change, and he is coming back to Miami. 

Alicia and Danny reunited.

Mateo and Ingrid slept together. 

Santiago is shot. 


Grand Hotel
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Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Sky: Oh, how does your mom even sit in this dress?
Yoli: Oh well, Gigi doesn't sit, she floats.
Sky: If JLo and Cardi B had a baby, it would be this closet.

Ingrid: They're tiny but they'll get you in trouble.
Javi: Could say the same about you.