Marissa: Please don't tell anyone. No one knows outside of my family.
Yoli: Well, I guess that makes me your family now.

Yoli: Can we talk?
Marissa: Not if it's about your dad.
Yoli: You've been acting weird since he got here.
Marissa: It's not every day that your girlfriend's hiding a fugitive. I don't really know the protocol.

Oh come on, boys, don't make me get out a ruler and start measuring.


Gigi: What is wrong with you?
Felix: What?
Gigi: Asking them to go with you?
Felix: Not just them, you too. After all these years all the places I've been, I've still never met anyone that comes close to you.

Ingrid: Mateo, I know we've had our issues, but with everything that's happened I was just really hoping that we could start over. Friends?
Mateo: Don't read into my kindness, Ingrid. We're coworkers, that's it.

Gigi: I didn't lie to you about Felix. I just didn't tell you he was here.
Santiago: Oh, don't play games. You kept this from me.
Gigi: You're lecturing me about keeping secrets. That's pretty ballsy, even for you.
Santiago: He's in that room Gigi, how could you let him stay there?
Gigi: I didn't. The girls put him there. Yolanda had the key somehow.
Santiago: I'm gonna call the police.
Gigi: Like you did ten years ago? Yeah, Felix told me you're the one that turned him in.
Santiago: He stole millions not just from me from many others. Why does it matter who blew the whistle?
Gigi: Because you ripped my family apart. I had no warning Santiago. I had nobody to help me or the girls.
Santiago: I helped you.
Gigi: Yeah, you lit the fire, and then you swooped in and put it out. What a hero you are.

But that girl is lost, afraid, and alone, so I'm going to go home, and I'm gonna eat whatever disgusting dish she puts in front of me. Because right now, what Ingrid needs is a friend.

Mrs. P

Oh, so it's your classic love story -- boy meets girl, boy sends girl's family to prison.


Gigi: You told me Mateo was handling the Finn problem. Is this how he handled it?
Santiago: I don't know.
Gigi: This is what happens when you get in bed with bad people.

Danny: I'm an idiot, Alicia. I've been falling for you since the moment I first laid eyes on you.
Alicia: But you told me your life was complicated.
Danny: It is, but I don't care anymore.

You can do anything mijo. You are stronger than you think.


Santiago: We can't keep doing this, Javier. You are fighting me all the time — your drinking. I know you're sad about mommy.
Javier: Sad?
Santiago: Yes, I am sad, too, but you're throwing your life away.
Javi: I'm not sad, I'm pissed. It should have been you.
Santiago: You do not talk to me like that if you want to keep living under my roof.
Javi: Well, I don't. You're a joke, and I hate you!
Santiago: Ok, then go. Then go. Get out. Just get out of here. Come on, go.

Grand Hotel Quotes

Matteo: So uh, first, thanks to Carolina for marrying me. You're hilarious, unbelievably beautiful, I mean my friends can't believe how hot you are. I also want to thank Gigi and Santiago. It's not always easy mixing family and business but uh you have made this deal a total breeze.
Carolina: Deal?
Santiago: Thank you, Byron.
Byron: Wong food development has been exploring the market for a long time, and we're just delighted to be purchasing this wonderful property. Cheers.
Alicia: Dad, you sold the hotel?

Ingrid: I'm, I'm pregnant.
Jason: I didn't realize that, that you were seeing somebody.
Ingrid: It's complicated. When I tell him about this.
Jason: Maybe he'll step up. Maybe realize what a good thing he has.
Ingrid: He wouldn't want to be with a pregnant housekeeper
Jason: A lot of people would. I would. If it was me, I mean.
Ingrid: Well, now you're just trying to make me feel better. But thanks, you're a good friend.