Grand Hotel Reviews

Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Groom Service

Grand Hotel Review: Pop the Bubble

On Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 9, everyone's hiding something at the Riviera Grand. Our review outlines what's catching up to them and who just checked into the hotel.
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Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 8 Review: Long Night's Journey Into Day

Grand Hotel Review: Ghosts of the Past

On Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 8, our favorite characters were learning that they can't escape their pasts. Read our review to see whose past came back to haunt them.
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Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 6 Review: Love Thy Neighbor

Grand Hotel Review: Let the Games Begin!

In our review of Grand Hotel Season 1 Episode 6, we discuss which characters have come the farthest since day one, and which characters have a lot more growing to do.
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Grand Hotel Quotes

Matteo: So uh, first, thanks to Carolina for marrying me. You're hilarious, unbelievably beautiful, I mean my friends can't believe how hot you are. I also want to thank Gigi and Santiago. It's not always easy mixing family and business but uh you have made this deal a total breeze.
Carolina: Deal?
Santiago: Thank you, Byron.
Byron: Wong food development has been exploring the market for a long time, and we're just delighted to be purchasing this wonderful property. Cheers.
Alicia: Dad, you sold the hotel?

Ingrid: I'm, I'm pregnant.
Jason: I didn't realize that, that you were seeing somebody.
Ingrid: It's complicated. When I tell him about this.
Jason: Maybe he'll step up. Maybe realize what a good thing he has.
Ingrid: He wouldn't want to be with a pregnant housekeeper
Jason: A lot of people would. I would. If it was me, I mean.
Ingrid: Well, now you're just trying to make me feel better. But thanks, you're a good friend.