Greek Season 2

"Dearly Beloved"

Casey's grand-big sister, Kiki, is back for her wedding and all of the ZBZ girls are invited; Max proposes to Casey.

"Evasive Actions"

When Frannie questions the ZBZ girls' sisterhood, Casey organizes a dodgeball game against IKI. Rusty tries to get Dale out of his apartment.

"Big Littles & Jumbo Shrimp"

After finding out Andy (Jesse McCartney) hooked up with Jordan (Johanna Braddy), Rusty is hesitant to take Andy as his little brother. At ZBZ, Casey and Rebecca thinks that Fisher (Andrew J. West) is responsible for stealing the food supply.

"Engendered Species"

Casey discovers that Cappie is taking the same women's studies class (taught by guest star Janeane Garofalo); Rusty starts his first day of Art History and meets a pretty new transfer student (Johanna Braddy); Ashleigh hires a new hasher, Fisher (Andrew J. West).

"From Rushing with Love"

Rusty is very excited about being a part of Rush week as a sophomore. Rusty tries to get Andy (Jesse McCartney), the #1 Freshman football recruit to join Kappa Tau.

"Take Me Home, Cyprus-Rhodes"

Rusty's summer job as a camp counselor at Camp Tall Pines comes to an end. Casey's internship with Paula Baker is over and she and Max survived the summer and she looks for an apartment to rent.

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