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It seems that the ZBZ pledges are a little - well - lame. Unfortunately, it seems that the seniors in charge (i.e. Ashley and Casey) are too involved in their own dramas to notice the changes that have been going on in the house. Luckily, they have someone like Rebecca to always bring the negatives to their attention. Rebecca wants to do something to whip the girls into shape, but Ashley is still so mad at Rebecca for her indiscretion with Fisher that she's unwilling to even consider Rebecca's concerns as valid. 

However, Ashley and the others have to face facts when they receives some horrible news. For the annual pledge calendar, the ZBZ girls will be posing for the month of November, which is really bad apparently. ZBZ is always July because July is the best month! There's nothing really all that sexy about Thanksgiving! What a blow! But it won't be a lethal one - Casey decides that they will just have to own November and make it cover worthy. 

Jordan expresses some dissatisfaction with her current position in life. She's jealous of Rusty's direction, and wishes she had something to look forward to. She checks with Rusty to make sure everything is still good with him, though. Asking him that confuses Rusty though - so naturally he goes to his polymer science mentor (guest star Dan Castellaneta) for relationship advice, who begrudgingly advises Rusty to give Jordan his pin or whatever frat guys do, and also to shut up, since he doesn't want to hear about his personal life. Apparently what frat guys do is lavaliere their girlfriends, by giving them a lavaliere, which is really just a pendant with their fraternity letters. So that's Rusty's plan - he will lavaliere Jordan. 

But it's not so simple. Apparently, there is a Kappa Tau curse on brothers who lavaliere their gilrfriends - someone always ends up dead. Rusty's willing to take his chances though. He purchases said lavalier and shows it to the brothers, and in a miraculous feat of idiocy and uncoordination, Beaver manages to accidentally swallow it! Now the KT pledges are waiting round the clock to fetch the necklace once it makes its way out Beaver's other end. Seriously though, what girl would want anything that went through Beaver's intestinal tract? Fortunately, Cappie happens to have an extra lavalier that he never gave away. Oh how it pulls at our heart strings though! Obviously it was for Casey. 

Meanwhile, Cappie helps Evan search for jobs, and Evan decides to try out cater-waitering. When the guys see a hot waitress at the job, Cappie also decides to apply for a job. Working as a cater-waiter, Evan experiences the thankless world of the service industry, and really questions whether he can do it.  All the while Cappie gets turned down left and right by his co-worker - it's amazing, because he's just so damn charming! 

Rusty is preparing a romantic dinner to give Jordan her necklace, when she comes in all excited, and tells Rusty that she's going to Rome for study abroad! She's only on the wait list, but this is something that will really make her happy. If Jordan wants to go abroad, then what does that mean about her feelings for Rusty? It doesn't mean anything of course, but Rusty doesn't intuitively know this, and decides to abort his plans to lavaliere Jordan. The KT brothers don't know this however, and tradition says they need to bound him to a column on campus with duck tape and Saran wrap - to protect him from the curse, obviously. Luckily Jordan found him before he died of an asthma attack.  He tells her the truth, and she admits that her desire to go abroad has nothing to do with her feelings for him. He asks and she delightedly accepts the lavaliering (so many ways to use that word). Of course she has to fetch the necklace from his pocket since Rusty is still saran wrapped tight to the pole. 

The pledges skipped out on their original photoshoot for the calendar because they were embarrassed of being November. Casey runs into Katherine on their way to Pan-Hellenic meeting and tells her of the problem with the pledges. Katherine just explains that this is all part of the cycle, that houses can't always be on top, and delves into all the recent shady history of ZBZ. She explain this which is why ZBZ is slipping from the rankings - the house might be ranked 4th! or even worse, 4th-ish! 

Jordan receives the email from the study-abroad office. She's too nervous to read it herself, so she emails it Rusty. It turns out that she didn't get in - the program is full. At least that's what Rusty tells her - he wouldn't lie about it, right? Right! (right?) Jordan is clearly disappointed and Rusty seems truly disappointed for her as well. 

Ashley and Casey have a talk with the pledges about the sorority's status among the ranks. Casey says it's nobodies fault - they've been too complacent - so they're going to fight back by getting the pledges on the cover of the calendar. Since they missed the original photoshoot, they need to conduct their own on the lawn outside the house. The girls sport their "sexy" pilgrim and indian costumes to show off a "sexy" thanksgiving. Unfortunately, the girl's find out that it's too late to get their photo into the calendar. The calendar went to press already and for the November picture, they photographed a turkey with the ZBZ emblem on it! They thought they were embarrassed before - now, they should be really mortified! Like a true top-ranked sorority, the girls rally, and show up at Dobbler's in full Thanksgiving gear and accept their November-status like champs!


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Greek Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Hell to the no! I'm not in a number 4 sorority!


Dr. Hastings: I'm not interested in your personal life, Cartwright!
Rusty: But you're the one who told me to lavaliere, I thought you'd want to know what happened.
Dr. Hastings: Oh yes, please, I'm dying to hear. It's all I've been thinking about. Between my wife snoring and an enlarged prostrate, that forces me to get up and urinate a dozen times, plus pondering the trials and tribulations of your love life, I could hardly sleep last night.