It's Founders Weekend at the ZBZ house, which means tons of groveling to alumni sisters for donations and more ZBZ ornamental kitties than you can shake a stick at. If Casey and the ZBZs are successful at securing donations, they will have enough cash to throw some killer mixers, which will help them climb back up in rankings from their harrowing position at 4th-ish. 


Ashley still has not forgiven Rebecca for kissing Fisher, even though Fisher was forgiven. Rebecca cannot believe Ashley's double standard, but she is committed to winning Ashley back over. She challenges Ashley to a competition to raise the most money from the alumni. If Rebecca wins, then Ashley has to forgive her, but if she loses, she has to be sober sister for the rest of the year. 


Casey plans to get her kitty paws into the purse of Dorris McGovern, ZBZ's wealthiest alumni. However, it seems like every approach she tries is brutally rebuffed. Casey even cozies up with what she believes to be Dorris' grandson, Nate - she thinks he's cute and if he could help Casey win over Dorris, that would be a bonus! They seem to be hitting it off, though Cappie senses that there is something off about this Nate fellow. 


Since the Alumni have traded in their sorority days for careers and families, some of them are craving a little juicy college gossip. Ashley delivers. She tells one alumni about the saga with Rebecca AND she even tells her about the competition they have going on to get the most donations. This alumni doesn't want Ashley to have to forgive a cheating sister, and whips out her checkbook. Soon the news is running through the house like wild fire, and alumni sisters are all giving their donations to Ashley. When Rebecca finds this out, she gives the sisters the other side of the story. Indignantly, she announces that Ashley has a double standard and will forgive her boyfriend but not her sister - oooh, some of the sisters don't like that - and Rebecca is back in the competition. 


The Omega Chi brothers serenade the ZBZ sisters to warm the alumni's hearts. Evan meets Nate for a moment, and tells Casey that he doesn't like him. Of course, he has already spoken with Cappie, and it was his plan all along to dissuade Casey from seeing Nate. Naturally, Casey assumes that Evan is jealous of Nate. She quickly learns how right they were about Nate, however. Nate informs Casey that he has secured a donation from Dorris, and has the nerve to ask for a 20% cut! Really dude? It turns out he's not even her grandson, just her "helper", whatever that means. This whole scenario just got really weird for Casey. 


But Nate goes a step farther and tells Dorris that Casey threw herself at him. To set the record straight, Dorris and Casey have it out in a kitty passing - think Lord of the Flies conch circle - whomever has the stuffed cat is allowed to speak her turn. Casey tells Dorris and the other sisters the truth but Dorris isn't having it. One of the oldest alumni takes the reigns of the meeting and reminds all the women that sisters come before misters. Casey admits to everyone that the house desperately needs donations because they have been slipping in the ranks. It seems that honesty is the best policy - they secure a ton of donations.


Ashley comes out on top of the donation competition, but she's not going to make Rebecca sober sister - that would be too harsh. She is willing to forgive her on a provisional basis, but no more boyfriend-kissing!


Now that we covered our "Founders", let's get to the "Lost" portion of this episode: Jordan. She's been feeling unmotivated and without direction at Cyprus Rhodes, and Rusty is deeply concerned that she may leave school. He tries to get her fast-tracked into the photography department program at school. However, when Jordan learns that after 3 years in the program, she will only have a hope of landing an assistant's job somewhere, she realizes that school just isn't the place for her. It turns out that Calvin's boyfriend Grant hooked her up with a friend who dropped out of college to pursue photography, and Jordan was offered an internship - in New York. No!!! Jordan is leaving already? She doesn't want to end things with Rusty, but it's going to be a difficult path. Of course he wants what's best for her, but it's so hard for him because he is the one being left behind. Everyone gathers at Dobbler's to send her off in style. Poor Rusty!!! 

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Greek Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

I guess rich people are more comfortable with cheating than hypocrisy.


Put your money in your sock, never eat from a cart, and never ever trust anyone like me.