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On "Love, Actually, Possibly, Maybe, Or Not," it's Valentine's Day and romance is in the air.

Cappie pledges to do something extra special for Casey since they haven't spent a Valentine's day together since freshmen year, and for that V-day he bought Casey a bottle of vodka, drank it, and then threw up on her. So it seems like he has some making up to do. But getting a thoughtful gift is so difficult, though Casey seems to think it's easy. So Casey and Cappie challenge each other to find the more romantic V-day gift.

Rusty has never had a date on Valentine's day before, and it looks like this year will be no different. It's a bummer, since everyone else is bringing a date to Kappa Tau's "Shot Through the Heart" party on V-day. Ashleigh mentions to Casey that Rusty is going solo to the KT party, and they scheme to set him up with Katherine so that Casey can get into her good graces again.

Ashleigh finds out that her new boyfriend, Pete, had previously been dating Natalie, Gamma Psi President. Natalie claims that she didn't know that they had broken up, making Pete look like a jerk, and actually calling him a cheater. Considering Ashleigh's trust issues resulting from the Fisher debacle, she is less than pleased at this characterization of her new boyfriend.

Since Calvin and Grant share a room in the Omega Chi house, little is left to the imagination, and Calvin is starting to worry if the romance will fizzle. He is completely surprised to walk in to his room to find Grant doing a little manscaping. He also likes his boyfriends to be super masculine and is a little surprised that Grant is embracing his "outness" with such flamboyance. Calvin is a little uptight. And he realizes he wants to change and grow in this relationship with Grant.

Evan has a predicament of his own. He is falling for Rebecca who has made it clear that she does not believe in love. Evan invites her to his date party, but needs to convince her to participate in anything related to Valentine's Day. Evan tells Calvin that he really feels strongly for Rebecca and he wants to do something special for her to show her how he feels without scaring her away.

Cappie and Casey escort Rusty on a pre-date with Katherine, so they can test out the waters before committing to a V-day date. Rusty is trying to break the ice but failing miserably since Katherine can only get out one word answers. It looks like a total failure to everyone, but it turns out that Katherine was totally crushing on Rusty and had a fantastic time! Unfortunately, because Rusty had to work so hard during the pre-date, he's less interested in going out with Katherine again. However, Casey agrees to let him use her car if he at least pretends to like Katherine at the KT party.

Cappie pitches three romantic gift ideas to Beaver. He can give Casey either (1) a small plant he was growing (2) a God's eye craft in ZBZ colors, or (3) a (cooked) macaroni necklace. Beaver gives them all the thumbs down. Cappie has no idea what he's going to get Casey.

Natalie shows Ashleigh that Pete has been calling her every day for a week. At the KT party, Ashleigh asks Pete point blank about whether he's spoken to Natalie and he tells her the truth: he's been trying to get in touch with her to get back his history book that she's holding hostage.

Natalie apologizes to Ashleigh for her behavior and starts telling her and Pete a sob story about a tragic V-day incident when she was 9 years old - Ashleigh cuts her off and calls her out for telling the story from Gremlins. Pete is a little put off by Ashleigh's insensitivity and escorts Natalie away.

Natalie accuses Ashleigh of setting their house on fire, in front of everyone. Pete thinks that Natalie's accusation just sounds crazy, and Ashleigh runs with this. She reinforces that Natalie is a liar and totally crazy. It's not Ashleigh's finest moment, but since it's Natalie, we'll forgive her.

Cappie gives Casey a bottle of vodka to remind her of when they first got together. She doesn't think it's very romantic at all - in fact, she hates it, and so he pretends that it's not his real gift.

Evan gives Rebecca a necklace and she gets a little misty-eyed about the sentiment. Calvin tells Rebecca that he thinks Evan can definitely see a future with her and she immediately freaks out and rushes out for some air. Some air turns into some Beaver, and she drags him to his bedroom to avoid dealing with her feelings for Evan.

Katherine shows up to the party looking knock dead gorgeous and Rusty is starting to feel differently now. While everyone is making out at the party, Rusty invites Katherine to shoot some arrows at the archery station. Not surprisingly, Katherine is a perfect shot. She tells Rusty that she just got into law school and is trying to fit her college experience into her last semester. She's about to kiss him, when Rusty screws up everything by telling her that he's glad he changed his mind about going out with her again. He then tells her that Casey essentially bribed him with her car. As Katherine is processing all of this, she gets struck with an arrow!

Luckily, it's just a flesh wound and Katherine is given a lot of strong pain medication, which makes her much more docile and forgiving of the whole incident all around. She is so happy that Casey went to so much trouble just to be her friend. And she is also digging Rusty, who walks her home and awkwardly  hugs her goodnight.

At last, it's time for Casey and Cappie to reveal their real gifts. Cappie pulls up his car in front of a Quickie Mart. Casey goes first - as Cappie reads her card, she reveals some sexy lingerie. She admits it was really difficult to find something romantic for him. Cappie explains his gift - he brought her to this location because this is the place where he first knew he loved her. Cappie is definitely the winner of the romance competition.

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Greek Season 3 Episode 15 Quotes

Rusty: Whoah
Cappie: No kidding.
Casey: Stop drooling Russ.
Rusty: Hi. You look amazing.
Katherine: You look very dapper yourself. Moving on?

Katherine: I've lived my whole life for the future at the expense of the present so now i have to fit the entire college experience in one semester. And I want to be more than the geeky smart girl. Is that sad?
Rusty: Why do you think I rushed KT? I want to be more than the geeky smart girl too. I mean, guy.