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On the series finale of Greek...

The KTs figure out that Lasker Parkes is the one sabotaging the fraternity and has bought the house and land to give to the university. The KT’s and others from Greek row join in on a protest to fight the demolition. Jen K, Lisa Lawson, Officer Huck, and Wade are among those who show up.

Casey and Evan are picked by Simon to research the case but choose to stand by the KT’s instead. The KT house is demolished while everyone watches

Cappie finds out he is able to graduate this semester; Heath and Calvin are heading off for a semester abroad in India. Ashleigh moves out of Rusty’s so they can start dating. Dale lavalieres Laura.

The gang is at Dobblers after the protest. Cappie and Evan get along and Evan admits to Rebecca he misses her. Rusty becomes the new KT president.

Casey and Cappie decide to leave Cyprus Rhodes after graduation. Ash, Rusty, Rebecca, Evan, and Dale are there to say goodbye.

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Greek Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

How much does your future mean to you?


KT's a sinking ship, it's inevitable.