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ZBZ is a finalist to win the Golden Lily for the best chapter in the country. To impress Nationals, Rebecca recruits Frannie to help organize a benefit concert from Justin Bieber. Frannie fails to deliver and Casey recruits Pledge Spidey to pretend to be him.

The KT’s house is in jeopardy of being condemned. Spidey’s dad comes to the rescue and offers to pay for repairs. Cappie and Rusty begin to think that Spidey could be the one out to get the house.

Chambers International purchases the patent to Rusty’s wire. Evan and Rusty go to Evan’s parents where Evan makes up with his parents and Mr. Chambers offers Rusty the chance to come work on the project after graduation.

Calvin contemplates quitting Omega Chi. Dale comes to the house and the brothers tell Tripp that they want things to change, including Dale being an Omega Chi.

Cappie receives a letter from the school. Casey starts to recognize the fact that she is no longer a ZBZ, but is just an alumni.

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Greek Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Frannie, I haven't seen you since you tried to get me expelled. Didn't work though, I graduated. Yay.


I hate being the underdog.