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Arizona begins the procedures for testing April and Jackson's baby.  Jackson wants to have a plan if the baby is type two. He feels they should terminate if that ends up being the case which upsets April. 

April's mother comes to visit and complicates things between April and Jackson. Her mom suggests that they shouldn't even get the results, but Jackson wants to be prepared. 

Meredith, Bailey, and Jo operate on a tumor that has spread faster than they expected. Meredith instructs everyone to back off and admits she has no idea what to do. Meredith, Bailey, and Maggie tell the patient's husband that the tumor has grown around her heart and they need to do more tests to see how extensive it is. Meredith comes up with the idea to print a 3D model of the tumor. 

Thanks to the model, they are able to remove the tumor and save the patient. 

Amelia attempts to explain her plans for Dr. Herman's tumor to the residents. but none of them are able to follow it until Stephanie has an epiphany, and as a result, joins Amelia's service. 

Callie believes that the tech rep she and Owen met with for their Vet program is interested in him, but it turns out she's actually interested in Callie. Callie is flattered, but tells her she's not ready. 

Dr. Herman and Arizona pour over cases and make cards to sort which ones they have time to save before the tumor kills her. 


Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 10 Quotes

Alex: The fact that you were checking your texts while you were doing it is already sad.
Meredith: We have a special ring tone. Hey you want a special ring tone?
Alex: No.

By the time I'm done with your tumor I'm going to be able to tell you what street this bastard grew up on and where it lost it's virginity.