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Derek wants to return to the hospital and Hunt tells him to ask Amelia. He assures her he's not looking to steal her job or her patients. 

A group of kids are visiting the hospital and each of the doctors share what they do with them. 

Police officers are brought into the ER with gunshot wounds from a robbery. 

Stephanie is assigned to keep the kids away from the ER. She hits it off with the kids' chaperone. She asks him out but finds out he's still in high school. 

Callie treats an officer with a gunshot wound to the leg. 

Two of the officers are brothers and are in bad shape. One of them, Peter is brain dead. Owen breaks the news to his mother and tells her that her other son, Brett, is still in surgery. 

Bailey operates on one of the suspects who needs a liver transplant. Amelia is upset that an alleged cop killer could get a new organ. 

Meredith and April operate on Brett, but he suffers a stroke and becomes brain dead as well. 

Bailey asks Meredith to ask Brett's mother to donate his liver to the kid who may have shot him. Meredith is opposed, but Bailey asks anyway and the mom is very upset. 

Callie's patient tells Meredith that Brett knew the kid and he convinces the mom to donate his organs. 

One of the kids goes missing and Derek finds her in the gallery watching Meredith's surgery. The girl tells Derek she wants to be a doctor. 


Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 18 Quotes

Jo: You need to expand your horizons.
Stephanie: My horizons haven't been expanded in a very long time.

Bailey: Grey, look I had to try.
Meredith: For your patient, I know, but now that's dozens of transplant patients that you just screwed out of a chance.