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The drive to work for Meredith, Amelia, and Maggie is awkward, though Maggie tries her best to get them talking.

When Meredith gets to work, she finds out that Penny is supposed to be on her service. Both Richard and Bailey offer to take her instead, but Meredith insists on keeping her on.

No one is welcoming to Penny, and Meredith is continually hard on her. Amelia confronts Meredith about allowing Penny to be on her service.

A man arrives with a young patient, there to see April. The boy is from Jordan and suffers from several tumors on his hands. April asked Jackson to agree to operate and save the boy's hands. However, when Jackson sees the boy's hands in person, he realizes the tumors are much worse than what April told him.

Jackson says they should amputate, and April is upset that he wants to give up.

An old friend of Richard is another patient at the hospital, coming in after getting into a car crash. Richard figures out that his friend is diabetic, and may have been the cause of the wreck.

Richard doesn't want to tell his friend who Maggie really is, which seems to upset Maggie even though she says she understands.

Meredith finds out that Richard knew who Penny was before she was hired.

Jackson still tells the child his hands will be amputated, but instead, in surgery, he brings in Callie to help try and save them.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 6 Quotes

You can't hide from a surgeon, because the body doesn't lie.


I'm saying I know what it's like when it feels like everything's coming apart, and you need something to pull it together. I just... I know.