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Richard, Jackson, April, and Catherine take on a trauma case that has all of them bickering throughout the surgery. 

The bickering gets to be too much, so Ben has to step in, again, and actually handle business and pull off the surgery on his own.

Credit is being given to the Minnick method for why Ben is able to be so efficient in the OR. 

April continues to praise the method, and Jackson vehemently disagrees with it. He makes a speech about he learned best because of people like Mark Sloan and Webber, and that Minnick's method breeds robots and not true artists and surgeons. He makes a point about Minnick's method being rushed.

Catherine continues to deny that's the case. Jackson also keeps bringing up the board, and how he's still an Avery and therefore has more say in what's going on. 

Catherine points out that she had to force him to be on the board and that he's not into that sort of thing. She points out that he's a good surgeon but implies that he's not good with the administration. 

Catherine offers to take April to Chicago to check out another Avery hospital, because April is upset that she has to give up her temporary power back to Meredith.She feels like she's being demoted.

Jackson feels like Catherine is looking at April as if she's the Avery that Catherine always wanted, because he wasn't it.

Arizona offers to let Richard sleep at her apartment, but then later on Minnick offers to cook for her for date night. Richard understands until he walks in on Arizona and Eliza kissing.

Nathan and Alex disagree on how to take care of their patient. Instead of hearing each other out, Alex tries to make the decision, but nathan won't accept it. He has Deluca but the baby on the transplant list without Alex knowing about.

Alex rants to Meredith about Nathan (after previously telling her to just date him already). Meredith confronts Nathan and tells him to stop being a jerk, and that screwing with Alex isn't going to help their relationship, to which Nathan responds with wondering the stage of their relationship.

Later on Nathan puts all of his feelings for Meredith out there and tells her to think about it and get back to him with an actual answer.

Amelia shows up at the hospital to help Maggie with a surgery, but then avoids Owen most of the time. When she finally bumps into Owen they have to work together on a case. He prods her about not talking to him and avoiding him. She tells him that they'll end up fighting and someone has to win.

She avoids talking to him for the rest of the night and they don't resolve their issues yet.

April tries to figure out what's bothering jackson, because she knows it's more than what's going on at the hospital. He tells her to butt out of it. 


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Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 15 Quotes

April: So, um, when I was chief-
Meredith: Interim chief.

When you fight a war at home, the casualties are your neighbors. Your friends. Your family. Leaving you alone.