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Meredith offers to switch seats on the plane so a family can sit together. Her new seat is in the same row as Riggs. 

Meredith goes to the bathroom and Riggs follows her. He tries to convince her that they should be together. They have sex in the bathroom. 

Some turbulence hits and Meredith and Riggs share that they were both in a plane crash. The turbulence gets much worse, sending people flying and the oxygen masks drop. 

Meredith flashes back to her plane crash. A few passengers are injured and Meredith and Riggs get up to help. One man, Max, hit his head pretty hard. Meredith feels the plane needs to land for him to get proper treatment, but the captain refuses to land due to the weather. 

Riggs asks Meredith for the details of her plane crash. She tells him about Lexie, and he understands why Meredith is so protective of Maggie. Riggs pushes her to admit her feelings and she tells him "I'm married."

Max begins vomiting and seizing. Meredith demands to see the captain. She tells her Max has a brain bleed, but she can't land the plane right now. 

Meredith uses a syringe to relieve the pressure in Max's brain. 

Another passenger with pulmonary hypertension collapses and Riggs assists him. He doesn't have a pulse, and Riggs shocks him. 

The plane finally makes an emergency landing. 

Riggs accuses Meredith of being scared to let Derek go. Meredith decides to take a chance on Riggs. 



Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 20 Quotes

Meredith: You don't like flying?
Riggs: It's not my favorite.
Meredith: Me either.
Both: Plane Crash.
Riggs: You were in a -?
Meredith: Yeah.
Riggs: Was it bad?
Meredith: I mean it was - we crashed and got lost. People died. It wasn't great.

Riggs: Where'd you come from?
Meredith: 4C. I was being a good Samaritan and reuniting a family. Serves me right.