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Meredith clears out her room at three in the morning as a way to move on from Derek. She gets rid of the paiting of the tumor and puts away the post it. The sisters figure out that seh's trying to move on and that she watns to move with Riggs, so they make it their mission to support Meredith.

Meredith asks Maggie if it would be strange to have Nathan over and Maggie gives her the greenlight. The two sisters (and April) work on a case with a woman who has an inoperaable tumor on her heart. She's a fiesty woman who knows she's dying and has accepted it. She talks about sleeping with guys, and landed herself in the hospital because she fell while going to pee after having hot sex.

The doctors are amused with her view on life and express wanting to have a similar approach themselves. maggie thinks that unlike the other doctors before, she can save her. Holly (the patient) doubts it but allows Maggie to give it a go. Maggie researches all night and stays away from the house because she wants to give Riggs and Meredith time together, but Meredith cancels on him.

Maggie can't get the tumor out but the patient doesn't care because she suspected as much already. Afterward, Maggie and April express wanting to go out and live life and meet guys and have sex. Amelia thinks they should go out for drinks or spend time together. The new group of friends leaves out, but Meredith bails to spend time with Riggs.

A kid comes into the hospital looking for help. they find out that he has a tumor on his brain, but after tracking down his parents they discover that they refuse to have him treated for religious purposes. Alex and Eliza clash over how to handle the case.

When the boy shows back up at the hospital, blind, needing help, Alex claims that he had to operate because the boy had a seizure. Eliza doesn't believe him and the boy's father is livid. Stephanie and the boy's father have it out and Stephanie throws a tablet near his head.

Stephanie and Ben are up for fellowship review. Eliza thinks that Stephanie hasn't bounced back from losing her bf and needs counseling. She reprimands Stephanie for her behaviour throughout the case and suggest that she be suspended. Stephanie has to take time off for counseling.

Eliza thinks Ben is playing it too safe so Richard pushes him to be more active.

Eliza and Arizona get closer. Arizona backs out of a date and Eliza takes it personally. Arizona reminds Eliza that she's still interested. When Eliza rants to Arizona about karev, Webber, and Bailey, Arizona tells her to shut up otherwise she won't want to sleep with her. They have sex.

Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 22 Quotes

Meredith: Hey, it's me, do you want a giant tumor?
Amelia: Why would I want that?
Meredith: It's the one from my wall that Derek drew. I thought you might like it. It's in the hall.
Amelia: Is she cleaning?
Maggie: At 3:30?

Our skulls cushion our brains. Our ribcage guards our hearts. the body is built to protect our most vulnerable parts. At least, that's how it's supposed to work.