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Andrew takes the day off and is still hanging out at Meredith's house.

Meredith takes her Harper Avery awards to the hospital to return them because she's not proud of them anymore. 

Miranda tells Jackson that she's pulling the plug on the funding for the innovation program. She doesn't know that Maggie is in the room. Maggie confronts April about it who in turn asks Richard about it because no one knew about Jackson's involvement. 

There is a crisis management team called in. She tells them that it shouldn't be made public. 

Catherine offers to sacrifice herself but Jackson refuses. 

They want Jackson and Meredith to work on a case together helping a kid pro bono as a PR stunt. It's a kid with a large tumor on his face that appears inoperable.

Jo and Alex look for a venue for their wedding. April offers to plan their wedding for them and Jo agrees.

Arizona talks about Sophia hating school and how she has to bribe her to go.

Jackson and Meredith disagree on the best way to remove the tumor from the kid. The charity funding the operation wants to pull the surgery because of the Avery scandal.

Olivia comes to the hospital bringing in her son who swallowed a toy. 

Owen takes the baby for a checkup and meets the mother, Betty. 

Alex checks out Olivia's son, but things get off to a rocky start. Olivia keeps making comments about Karev to Jo and discourages Jo.

Meredith tells Jackson to stop thinking about the foundation and think about the patient, Diego.

Amelia takes Betty out for lunch and asks her how long she's been using. Betty tells Amelia that she got hooked on pain meds and that she's living on the streets.

Amelia tells Richard that she wants to take Betty under her wing as in be her sponsor because she sees something in her.

Arizona asks Carina if she has a problem with kids or not. Carina tells Arizona that she thinks she is coddling Sophia.

Owen offers to let Amelia and Betty move in with him and Leo.

Jackson tells Meredith he wants to do something for the women whose careers were destroyed by Harper Avery. She tells him that if he wants to rebuild something he has to tear it down first. 

They remove all of Diego's tumor. 

Jackson and Meredith come up with a solution just as Catherine is about to take the fall. They change the foundation name to the Catherine Fox foundation instead and offer to hire and reeducate all the victims whose careers were destroyed because of Harper Avery.

Meredith and Arizona send Carina after Andrew to get him off of the couch. 

Alex finally tells Jo that there is too much money in his bank account because his mother didn't take anything out which means that she is either dead or wandering the streets somewhere. 

Roy and his attorney approach Bailey and inform her that Roy is filing a wrongful termination suit and cites the marijuana cookies that he consumed. 


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Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 21 Quotes

I spent most of the time building up the Avery name, and now it's going to bring me down.


Zola: How come Maggie's friend never has to take a bath and we do?
Meredith: Because he's ... European.