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Meredith is in a grumpy mood because she and Zola are the only ones in the house who are cleaning up.

Andrew tries to get Amelia to tell everyone about her tumor because it has been a week. She puts it off, but she does contact her old mentor. He notices that the tumor has probably been there for a decade and that she has had questionable behavior the entire time. He tells her about the surgery she has to get down. 

Amelia tries to tell Bailey but Harper Avery is in town, so she has to tell Ricard instead since Bailey is preoccupied.

Richard looks over all of her files and later finds Amelia reevaluating every case she has ever done since in Seattle. He looks over her numbers and assures her that her death rate was lower than Derek's.

Andrew tries to get Maggie to nice Amelia's files without him having to violate HIPPA. Instead, they end up talking about their failed relationship and he apologizes for how it ended up. Maggie still doesn't notice.

Later, Amelia tells Maggie and asks her to help her tell Owen. She wants Maggie to tell Meredith alone because she doesn't want to feel like Meredith was right all those times she called Amelia crazy.

Meredith's shrink needs a heart surgery. She and he talk about Riggs. After she works out her feelings, she confronts Riggs about wasting his chance with Megan, a chance she can never have.

Harper is rude to Jackson during the board meeting.Harper Avery is not pleased with anything at the hospital. He threatens to take the funding away which would cause the hospital to shut down. When Bailey tells him it would be bad PR after all the good press over Stephanie, he agrees to stick with the funding but tells Bailey she's fired.

Catherine and Bailey try to find a way to get Bailey's job back but when Bailey goes back to confront Harper, he's dead. No one is disappointed. Particularly Jackson.

Ben and Arizona's patient has been in labor for 20 hours but she can't have drugs because she's either allergic or it would put her at risk. Carina suggests that the mother to be have sex with her husband to speed things along. It works. 

Carina and Arizona are hot and heavy. So is Jo and Alex. Jo asks Alex to move back in with her.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 3 Quotes

What is this window dressing? Don't you people have jobs to do?


Meredith [to Zola]: You know how many people live in this house? A lot, that's how many, and you and I are the only ones who do our part. We're the good ones, right? Ugh. What is all this stuff?
Zola: You're going to have to talk to Alex.