Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 3 Review: Go Big or Go Home

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Thank God we're still going strong.

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 3 was another solid hour filled with warm and fuzzies, humor, interesting cases, and sexytimes. Let's pray to the Grey's gods that it'll stay this way for the rest of the season.

Most of the focus was on Amelia and her brain tumor, and her finally coming to grips with and letting her loved ones know about it. Thankfully, it wasn't drawn out.

Hiding a Secret - Grey's Anatomy

When it was first revealed that Amelia had a brain tumor, I immediately thought of the questions that would come to mind regarding her relationship with Owen. It just felt like more angst to add on to all the other issues the pair has.

If a brain tumor makes her impulsive and affects many of her decisions, wouldn't that mean that marrying Owen was on impulse? What if she didn't really love him like he thought? What if that was the first thing he concluded when he found out?

It didn't even dawn on me that all of the cases that she has taken over the years could be called into question as well. It's infinitely worse knowing that she's a Neurosurgeon. The brain is a difficult organ to work with and has a higher death toll, it also puts brain surgeons at a greater risk of malpractice.

I'm not going to follow your plan because the part of your brain that makes plans is compromised. Your plans, your judgment, your decision making, your impulse control, it's all tumor. You understand? You are not of sound mind now, and you haven't been for years.


Just think of all the cases she has taken on since she's been on Grey's. Then she finds out that this tumor had been growing for a decade. 

That's the majority of her career. It was enough to send her spiraling down a rabbit hole rethinking every decision and every surgery she has ever done.

When Hernann was brought up, my heart plummeted because that was a huge, groundbreaking surgery she performed. That made matters all the scarier too because Amelia is innovative and a known risk taker. 

I loved the moment between Richard and Amelia where he was able to comfort her. Anytime Richard spends one-on-one with one of the other characters mentoring them, it's a delight. He's so good at it. Can you imagine the hospital without him? I can't.

Richard the Mentor

It was a small comfort to Amelia that her death rate was lower than even Derek's in the same time frame. A small consolation prize, although it slightly bugged me because I never did care for the constant comparison between the Shepherds on who was the better doctor.

It was frustrating that she kept it quiet for so long, but it was so true to Amelia's character that she would. At least she called her old mentor though. 

Tom was a total dick. He was arrogant and blunt, and I totally liked him. He was exactly who Amelia needed because I don't think she would have listened to anyone else. She certainly wasn't listening to DeLuca.

Richard: How long has this thing been growing?
Tom: I'd say close to 10 years.

Speaking of, one of the funniest moments of the night (and there were a few) was him trying to get Maggie to notice the scans were Amelia's. He did everything but say outright that it was hers, and Maggie still wasn't getting it.

I loved how it took a detour to him apologizing for their failed fling. Then she got to vent about it because she didn't realize she was still mad about it, so he ended up apologizing for something he didn't realize he needed to apologize for, to begin with. 

Secrets and Apologies

I can't lie, I not only miss them as a couple, but I miss them sharing screen time together, period. Look, I'm not nearly as up and arms about all this Jaggie business as most of the fandom, so I don't care if it happens. However, if Maggie and Andrew somehow find themselves back to one another, I'm definitely game.

They were so precious together, dammit.

The scene between Maggie and Amelia was bittersweet. Amelia would be willing to tell Maggie. The two of them are pretty close, and close because they want to be, not because they felt they had to be.

Maggie, as expected, was an emotional wreck. Amelia, as expected, was cracking jokes and downplaying it, but then got vulnerable in the end when she asked Maggie to help her tell Owen and tell Meredith herself.

It was probably a combination of not wanting to be one more thing, one more burden or piece of bad news to dump on Meredith who has had more pain for multiple lifetimes, but also, she didn't want to feel like Meredith was right.

I am going to need your help to tell Owen and you are going to have to tell Meredith. She's been telling me I'm crazy for years and, uh, this makes her right. I hate that. I hate that more than anything.


Everyone calls Amelia out on being impulsive or erratic, or as she put it, crazy. Can you imagine the identity crisis that comes into play with such a revelation? If I'm not mistaken, Amelia's entire personality as we know it could have been due to a brain tumor for the entire time that we've known her.

The final scene with Owen holding Amelia's hand and Meredith coming to lie down with her was sweet. It's just, tumor or no, I'm not ready to just let Owen have to deal with everything Amelia has lobbed at him because it was a brain tumor, you know?

It's just not even fair. He was finally starting to reach a point where he was going to do what was best for him and now his wife is sick. Oh, and by the way, all of her awful behavior could be blamed on this tumor she has. No thanks.

Sisterly Comfort

The guy has been pretty miserable for a while. Even with everything his sister has gone through in the past decade, she can call him out on being miserable as hell. 

Their relationship is so cute. I don't believe we have ever seen Owen as happy and chill as he is with his sister.

Megan pulls no punches but has his back, and he needs that. It's too bad that she's on her way out. She's healing fast, and you can already tell she's hitting the ground running the second she gets the OK.

Riggs may not have the opportunity to follow Meredith's advice. It's great that she finally talked to him and told him why she was so angry (thanks to the help of her shrink/patient).

My feelings for Riggs, way past anger. It's almost rage bordering on physical violence.


She felt like he had an opportunity that she could never have and he squandered it by letting Megan go without a fight. Poor Riggs, however, just doesn't know how to handle being in love with two women at the same time.

Maybe time away will do him some good. What can he do in a situation like that? He loves them both, but Megan is his past and so much has changed. Megan's priority has been heading back to be with her kid. 

Speaking of kids, that poor woman in labor was going through hell. The moment Carina popped up, however, I already knew what she was going to suggest. Thanks to an Undergraduate Psychology class that we called "the sex class" the solution was obvious, and I was giggling before she even suggested it.

I don't understand why Americans are so prude. When you add pleasure to pain, pain can be pleasurable.


Carina is so much fun. She's a breath of fresh air.  She's rocking Arizona's world, annoying Andrew, and bringing the sexy to we prudish Americans. She's a blast.

Arizona, Ben, and Bailey can agree. Ben and Bailey are the most adorable couple right now. Yeah, Jolex is getting hot and heavy and that's great, I guess, but Ben and Bailey are too cute for words.

Elevator Canoodling

Harper Avery, however, was not. Was he this insufferable the last time he showed up?

He was such a jackass to everyone he crossed paths with. He was the epitome of a grumpy old man. The condescending way he spoke to Jackson, I mean, Jackie, was irritating, and the blatant misogynistic remarks about women being in charge were the worst.

Strike that, the worst was when he fired Bailey.

Fine, the hospital can keep its funding, but you're fired. Catherine, can you take Bailey somewhere to have her feelings? I need to make some phone calls.


We all knew it wouldn't stick, but it was still annoying. But the highlight was when he died. Yeah, I said it.

Was anyone else laughing at that ridiculously long pause after Jackson said he took comfort in knowing that his grandfather died? Sassy Jackson is my favorite Jackson.

I take special comfort knowing that he died [pause] um, doing, doing what he loved.


Did anyone feel like April was hinting at regretting the fact that she ran out on Matt?  It seemed like it. April needs to get back out there. She's been pretty cool recently, and she deserves to find some happiness and love too.

Do Meredith and Riggs need to work things out? How do you feel about Owen and Amelia right now? Do you sympathize with Amelia now that her behavior is explained or does it feel like a cop-out? How precious was Zola in the beginning of the hour? Hit up the comments!

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Go Big or Go Home Review

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