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Amelia is concerned that Betty got high. She and Betty argue. Betty has to spend the day with Amelia and Owen, and amelia tries to get her to take a drug test.

Amelia consults with Owen's mother, and Owen tells Betty that she should be honest. Betty confesses to smoking weed and amelia grounds her.

Meredith goes out on a date. She realizes halfway through it that she and John are on the wrong date. Their dates have met up and hit it off. All things go well until he expresses that he doesn't like kids and finds single mothers desperate.

Andy and Miller are in the hospital getting checked out after a case. Miller asks Maggie out.

A young boy comes in with his sick mother. Maggie treats the mother, but she won't make it. The father refuses to tell the son the truth. Maggie tries to speak to him, but the father doesn't let her. Andrew speaks to him, but he runs off and away from the hospital.

Alex and Richard continue to butt heads. Alex treats a kid by violating the rules because the kid can't afford healthcare. Dahlia threatens to turn him in but doesn't.

Jo and Link know each other.

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