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  • Mer is on the beach and sees Lexie.
  • Teddy is still a bit out of it. 
  • Hayes' sister in law Irene arrives and has a kidney stone. Hayes is worked up about it. 
  • They don't want to take Mer off the ventilator yet because of the shortage, if she needs it agin, there won't be another one for her. 
  • Mark is on the beach with Mer and Lexie. 
  • A mother and daughter, Marcela and Veronica are both admitted to the hospital with COVID. The mother tells them to save her daughter. 
  • Mark talks about how he likes checking in on Callie, Arizona, and Sophia and he tlls them things but they think its their idea all of the time.
  • Veronica is in distress. 
  • Amelia talks to Teddy about seeking out a therapist and finding the right fit. 
  • Cristina texts Owen for an update on Mer. 
  • They have to choose betweenthe mother and daughter on the vent. They have to pick the daughter. 
  • Catherine has to take a kidney an dput it back in Irene. Hayes freaks out about possibly losing her, and Jo makes him pull himself together. 
  • Maggie figures out that they can split the vent and save both the daughter and the mother. 
  • They take Mer off the vent after she has some meangiful conversations with Lexie and Mark. 
  • Owen tells everyone at the sister house and says its' thanks to Teddy. 
  • Winston proposes to Maggie. 
  • Hayes' sister is OK.
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