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  • Mer is on the beach and sees Lexie.
  • Teddy is still a bit out of it. 
  • Hayes' sister in law Irene arrives and has a kidney stone. Hayes is worked up about it. 
  • They don't want to take Mer off the ventilator yet because of the shortage, if she needs it agin, there won't be another one for her. 
  • Mark is on the beach with Mer and Lexie. 
  • A mother and daughter, Marcela and Veronica are both admitted to the hospital with COVID. The mother tells them to save her daughter. 
  • Mark talks about how he likes checking in on Callie, Arizona, and Sophia and he tlls them things but they think its their idea all of the time.
  • Veronica is in distress. 
  • Amelia talks to Teddy about seeking out a therapist and finding the right fit. 
  • Cristina texts Owen for an update on Mer. 
  • They have to choose betweenthe mother and daughter on the vent. They have to pick the daughter. 
  • Catherine has to take a kidney an dput it back in Irene. Hayes freaks out about possibly losing her, and Jo makes him pull himself together. 
  • Maggie figures out that they can split the vent and save both the daughter and the mother. 
  • They take Mer off the vent after she has some meangiful conversations with Lexie and Mark. 
  • Owen tells everyone at the sister house and says its' thanks to Teddy. 
  • Winston proposes to Maggie. 
  • Hayes' sister is OK.
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Grey's Anatomy Season 17 Episode 10 Quotes

The depth of grief that you felt with all the losses is the depth of love.As long as you're alive you get to feel it.


Mer: So you two are together?
Mark: On your beach, looks like we are.