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  • Teddy is in a catatonic state. 
  • Teddy isin a dreamscape and she sees Mer, DeLuca, and herself in a body bag. 
  • Owen thinks he may have to admit her. 
  • Teddy keeps seeing Allison. 
  • There are flashbacks to why Teddy fell in love with Allison. She lost her parents and Allison was there for her. 
  • She has dreams about trying to save Allison. 
  • Owen and Amelia tlak about Teddy's stae and Owen thinks he may need to admit her. 
  • Amelia talks him through supporting Teddy. She even reminds him about choking Cristina and tels her she has to forgive. 
  • Teddy thinks about losing DeLuca. 
  • Meredith ist there and gives her some advice about why she is the way she is an dhow to let go of things. 
  • Teddy thinks about her relationshisp with Tom and Owen. 
  • Teddy wakes up and looks after the baby Allison. 
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