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  • Nick ropes Mer into a surgery that could be twenty hours and would be risky. Richard declined it, but Mer is going through with it anyway.
  • The doctors are donating blood because of the shortage. Levi mentions how messed up it is that he's prohbinited from donating because of his sexuality.
  • The woman comes to assess them about the residency program
  • Simon is dying. They tried to put him on ECMO because they want him to stay on longer so he can see his son and Link is determined to do this. He seeks Maggie and Winston's help.
  • Amelia is still upset about Kai.
  • Jo is finding reasons why life with Todd isn't work for her and talks to Link about all o fhis flaws.
  • A veteran seeks Owen out for pills for his wife to help her die and Owen tries to come up with other methods and Teddy puts her foot down and says no. The guy threatens to expose Owen.
  • Webber and the other lady catch Mer doing the rogue surgery with Nic k as she and him pull out their patients entire insides to do a surgery and put it back inside.
  • Surgery works on Simon and he tells Kristen that he has a name for their baby.
  • Jo breaks up with Todd.
  • Maggie wonders why she doesn't know more about her husband and it's a fight. She says maybe they don't know each other well enough.
  • Teddy plans to go on the run with Owen because of John, but John has already told Bailey and she confronts them.
  • Mer's patient starts bleeding out on the table and they have to come up with a plan.
  • Mer imagines her mother criticizing her in surgery.
  • Bailey freaks out because Ben calls her and all the blood that she had coming to the hospital is trashed and no good.
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Grey's Anatomy Season 18 Episode 19 Quotes

My wife is in pain and you're talking to me about ethics! They told me your veterans. What about honor? Let Rosie die with the dignity and honor that you lived with, please. Please!


Kristen: Am I selfish? Putting him through this?
Link: My son, the first time I saw him screaming his lungs out. It was like my heart left my body, the amount of love I felt in that second, I didn't care what happened to me for the rest of my life, that, that was enough.